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You just got yourself another fan, this is awesome! I love it!

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That was pretty cool, worth the wait and will wait for episode 3.

Love it! This was awesome.

Not bad, next time try working with the Pen tool and use custom strokes.

BugMcVagh responds:

Thank you, I'll keep that in mind! The on the fly adjustment seemed to be a better idea before I found out what sort of weird angular corners it makes (even when I got used to the tool and cleaned up the mess I made). I'll goggle around...

Man, pretty much true! All about the money, and even during my time in college even the teachers had hard time finding parking which they must pay as well. It's all a big money scheme. Keep them coming Raz, your videos tells some truth from what most other colleges students go through.
See you at Pico Day? :)

Raziberry responds:

For sure, dude, I'll be the guy that looks like me!

In tears laughing. XD Pretty much true, lately I've been hearing okay reviews about the movie and I had the same feeling it would be okay to watch. Batman himself is about 190 pounds plus the 150+ heavy armor suit he has on to fight superman in the movie. How is it possible for him to move in it?

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FlippedTurtle responds:

Haha! Those are all valid points! Thank you for your comment, MysticSkillz. /poindexter

This is pretty good, really smooth sprite work. Undertale would be even more amazing if it had this type of animation for the cut scenes. Hope you plan to do more.

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Lmao, bravo! I love it! Awesome to watch.

This is awesome! Very smooth and creative. I love it!

Yes Sebz! Now this is a little different from you. Keep this style.
Proud of you for trying different characters.
Just a couple of things.
1. Zoom in sometimes during your action.
2. When camera shaking make sure the background stays in shot, the extra space at the bottom makes it feels like the background is floating.
Besides that keep it up.

SebzX12 responds:

Thank you so much skillz. I'm liking my new style now...

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