Artist, Web Design, Illustrator, Animation. Welcome to my Newgrounds page. Here is where I like to do small animation projects. Some are 2D, 3D and even sprite.


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Greetings Newgrounds Peoples and Fans


Universal Flavor


Besides work taking up most of my time, I been busy on the side lines re-branding myself and stocking up with some goodies. Due to the limitation uploads to one of my vendor sites I've decided to broaden my print shop with another vendor as well for more items to be made.


With that said Universal Flavor will be the umbrella page for Original Content Video, and Digital Prints.

It contains verity of character Pin-Ups you can select from.

Giveway prizes will be held during live streams so go give a follow there.

All original contents. Fan made videos will remain here on Newgrounds and Youtube, I'm separating fan made contents from my website. Will be taking up commissions again soon.


The GeekDom Con In May!

Yes folks! It's on! As I mention in previous post I would like to start attending events when so and here is one I will be attending to. Post below if you attending as visitor or vendor. Not only that I will be attending this Con I will be vending as well so stop by my table :D I will have some goodies.


A 3 day weekend of awesome artists from all around. What makes me really hyped about this upcoming Con is a must be original works and product Con. Meaning all items must be original! YAY! I can't wait... Hold on! Let's not get too hype. High hopes means a long fall.

Fallen Kingdom

iu_1169713_1968023.pngYou bet The Queen will be representing at the Con and we are looking to try to live stream the event as well.

Also folks I do plan to put out one more short episode for the Queen. I do wish to continue her shorts but I would like to take it a step further with this.


I'm looking to changing up the format for this project in many ways, I can commission animators to help with animation or I can bluntly just do it myself with a bit of help. So if anyone that's willing to lend an animation hand in 2D and 3D skills like to help with this project feel free to hit me up. This will be a paying job project if the price is right. I don't want to rely on rotoscoping for this.


Speaking of animation! I like to give a shout out to @Twisted4000 for letting me commission him for an animation intro of Queeny. I'm looking forward to seeing how she will turn out. Also congrats to twisted for reaching affiliate on twitch. Show that man some love there folks.

Psycho Bliss


It's coming along, trying to put in some frames after work. This might be my last sprite animation project for some time. As I mention in previous post that I want to focus more on my art and streams. I'm going to start pushing more original content than fan made.


And at this point I can say Jungle Hunt 4 is pretty much canceled as well. Part of me and I mean a small, small, small part of me thought about using AI voice generator for movie project. It won't be the same feeling as having real actors play the part. So Harley has something to say about that...


Thats all for now folks. Time to go ham this year.

Until Then



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