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MysticSkillz's News

Posted by MysticSkillz - 3 weeks ago

Greetings Newgrounds Peoples and Fans.


Hope everyone is having a good and safe holiday and we can soon say goodbye to 2020. One of the shiftiest year in history! It did has it's ups and downs but mostly downs, a lot of plans and events been canceled due to the virus mankind has unleashed upon us. Yep I'm blaming man for this, humans just need to leave shit alone and stop trying to play god. And thank god you know who is out of office!

Hey Tr&%p!


Ughh.. Politics... What a joke!

Anyways, things had been very slow for 2020 but still able to get some things done and will continue to do so for the 2021. Hang tight folks, there are some goodies that's coming.


Battle of The Kung-Fu


Another 2 on 2 match up will be coming soon. Yang and Fai Lung vs Kung Lao and Liu Kang.

I wanted to get this out before the year ends, but that's not going to happen. So this is a little something to start off the new year.

Frieza's Wish 3

This is a big one here, the project been in production since February and still work is being put into it. All the animation scenes are pretty much done but we still missing some key elements to make it official.


I've been spamming around looking for voice actors to play Gotenks and Bulma, however there is a plan B/C to make this happen which I really don't want to do for Gotenks which will make the scene seems lazy, but without an actor I may have no choice but to do so if we going to make this project happen.


Yes guys! We still in need for someone to play as Gotenks and Bulma, if you would like to try out for the roles, message me a sample of you voice acting them. This is another project I wanted to get out this year but with so much being done it will have to wait till next year. Sorry folks, might as well count 3 year of waiting for this.

Jungle Hunt 4


I know folks it's been a big gap between episodes and it's not official if this may continue. Projects like these you want to keep consistent with the voice actors but life happens and people move on which is very understandable. But if this does happens it will also be it's final episode.

Art & Web Comic

2020 was a complete mess! My brother and I have plans for shop and everything and the virus happens. We wanted to attend events...Nope! Okay, we're not going to stop! During these hard times guys please do not stop what you love doing! Keep pushing for your dreams and grab it! Be safe and Stay Strong!


Thank you guys for the love and support! Without you guys I wouldn't gotten this far. Thank you for sharing your purchase print pics and much love to those who ever you are out there that happen to snag up prints & commission work. New designs soon to come.

Fallen Kingdom – Web Animation/Animatic Comic.


Yes! I still plan on telling the Queen her story. Actually she will be the one narrating her own story, there is much I want to do for her. So far she's pretty much hosting my streams and fans are loving her as the host. But don't let her beauty fool you, she can be sassy. Also taking in fan art of her if anyone wants to do one. Here are reference link to her images, there's a couple versions you may pick from.

Your fan art will be displayed on my website and other social media sites, plus the animated/animatic web comic page as well. Any type of media is welcome. Nudity is okay but no Pornographic!



While doing production work guys you are more than welcome to stop by my live stream and have a chance to see some of the projects in the making. I'm a verity streamer and I enjoy hanging out with you folks. Times you'll catch me drawing, animating and gaming. With the help of the kind peoples that help me out so much, I may get an upgrade.

I don't deserve good peps like you guys, bless you all.


Also speaking of PC, me and a couple other heads are planning on doing a PC giveaway prize.

This is something that will take time to put together if all goes to plan. We are looking around March or April to do this one. A fellow streamer wish to sponsor and PC giveaway prize. That's right peoples!

This maybe a chance to win this sexy rig. The giveaway will be held on Twitch.

Come give us a follow for more details and have some fun.


AMD Ryzen 9 3900x ,

asus prrime x570-p mottherboard ,

32gb ddr4 ram ,

850w power ,

1tb ssd m.2 ,

2tb hdd ,

RTX 3080


And there you have it folks! Last post for 2020 and what's to come for 2021.

I love you all and be safe out there! Let's see what next year has to offer.

See you next year!

Until Then





Posted by MysticSkillz - 1 month ago

Greetings Newgrounds Peoples and Fans


Until Then




Posted by MysticSkillz - November 28th, 2020

Greetings Newgrounds Peoples and Fans


Whis Slots for tryout is close!

We are still in need for someone to play as Gotenks and Bulma. We need actors to play these roles ASAP!


I would like to get this project publish by December if we can. Come on guys! We know you want to :p Please help make this sprite animation happen for 2020. Message Me for the script for the characters feel to add extra lines or improvise it. Bloopers are welcome, upload your recording here in the dump bin and send me the link to it and I will take a listen and will get back to you if you got the part or not.


While that's happening, I'm currently working on another 2 on 2 match up that will be coming next year.

You can catch me Streaming the making of it as well.

Until Then





Posted by MysticSkillz - November 11th, 2020

Greetings Newgrounds Peoples and Fans


Just like to let you all know Frieza's Wish 3 is coming along great and we are very close of finishing up the project. However we kinda ran into a stand still at the moment and in need of your help.

Due to not hearing back from some of the members, we are in need of a couple of voice actors who wish to take part of the project. Keep in mind this is a fan made project and the final episode, we looking for someone that can provide a quick turn around for recording.


We are looking to publish the project very soon, if possible this month or the next. We are looking for someone that sound really, really close to the following characters.




Whis, Bulma, Gotenks and Ghost, if you think you have what it takes then post a link to a sample file for the character/characters you wish to try out for. The project is being held under Newgrounds to help keep track of everyone that's taking place in the collaboration. The scripts for the characters will be provided by the link below the page here. Help us make this final episode happen soon, we hope you'll enjoy it once publish.

Characters Wanted For Voice

Until Then





Posted by MysticSkillz - October 30th, 2020

Greetings Newgrounds Peoples and Fans.


2020 has been one of the shittiest year! So many plans been canceled or put on hold due to covid 19. It's crazy how animation can predict future at times.






On top of that recently I just lost my grand dad and the family will lay him to rest next Thursday of November. To many loses these pass few years.


Life happens and we have no control what happens for the most part, but we do what we can to move on. I hope 2021 will be a lot more bless-full than 2020.


Speaking of moving on, November and maybe December will be the buckle down polishing/ maybe publishing month for the third and final part for Frieza's Wish. My animators did an amazing job and this is going to be another epic battle to come.


I really appreciate everyone that stick around this long for this massive fan made project, unfortunately this will my final project for this year if published. So much put into it and we are at 34:32 running time so far. With everything handed in and still some scenes that's in need of polish and worked on is just more work to add in.


To my voice actors, you will receive your scripts very soon. I may need a few of you to take on extra parts if you're up for it and some of you may not need to record or animate anything but you still will be credit for previous scenes.

Due to the lost of the original script, episode three had to be rewritten.

And there you have it folks, hopefully the next post I make will be for the publishing of Frieza's Wish 3.

Until Then





Posted by MysticSkillz - September 8th, 2020

Greetings Newgrounds Peoples and Fans.


Frieza's Wish 3 is coming close to the end. Still some gaps need to be fill in and my animators wish to add a bit more to their parts and I'm looking forward to see what they come up with. Voices, Sound Effects and polishing is still needed, due to the lack of a couple of animators and voice actors, the project publishing will have to be push back. If we are lucky, we will try to get this done before winter, worst comes to worst then the beginning of next year.


Sorry folks, this type of project takes time and hard work. I took the time to do a quick composite of the scenes so far and we are pretty much at the half hour mark, to be exact 28:02 running time.

Much love to those who showed support over the years, you will be credited in the project. :)

I will no longer be streaming the project from here on out. The project will continue offline.


Here are a few snap shots on what's to come.









Until Then





Posted by MysticSkillz - August 17th, 2020

Greetings Newgrounds Peoples and Fans.




Until Then




Posted by MysticSkillz - June 5th, 2020

Greetings Newgrounds Peoples and Fans.


While the world is going crazy and under quarantine, it's best to continue to stay away from humans till all this is settle. I can't do news or politics and you shouldn't too. It's nothing more than a series of stress and frustration to the point where everyone is falling into their game. This is their way to enforce more laws on to people for them to do what they want, even murdering civilians to the breaking point of a civil war breaking out.

Anyways just want to make one more post based on future projects that may come this year or even the following.

Retiring From Sprite Projects.


Yes folks I plan on calling it quits on sprite animation projects, not including match ups or collaborations. Who knows times I may want to throw one out for shits and giggles. But yeah, far as big projects the following is all that's left in the box.

Frieza's Wish 3


It's been a 2 year gap between episode 2 to 3 and we have our reasons, well the blame is mostly on me. I just want to let you fans know that it's coming. (When?)

Good question! I'm looking this summer if possible. If you haven't catch the trailer...

I like to give a special thanks to my fellow animators and voice actors that took the time out to do what they could to help me with the project. They all are very busy peoples and I'm grateful for their help. So to my animators the due date for your scene is by next month. If you would like to continue adding more to your parts you may do so, if you can not continue your scene please do not stress it, I will handle the rest.

@diochi @DragonBallSF @ReaperSound @DrTerryDactyl @JoeDragonn

Please submit what you have done by the end of the this month.

Tomb Runner


Yes Lara and Clair will have their moment, this one is nearly finished and may come before Frieza's Wish 3. I'm still debating if I may just make this a straight forward project with just music.

So with that said, my drive into Frieza's project so you going to have to wait.

Jungle Hunt 4


Yes I would like to bring back batman as well.

After Jungle Hunt 4 I want to take my animation to a different direction with web comic animatic style by start working on original contents again. Put more time into my work and streaming as well as running a business with my bro. Feel free to check out my print shop if you like to support or follow me on twitch where I'm mainly active at and a chance to win prizes and giveaways on special streams.

Last post till a published project.

Until Then





Posted by MysticSkillz - June 2nd, 2020

Greetings Newgrounds Peoples and Fans.












Until Then




Posted by MysticSkillz - May 20th, 2020

Greetings Newgrounds Peoples and Fans.


Until Then