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MysticSkillz's News

Posted by MysticSkillz - 11 days ago

Greetings Newgrounds Peoples and Fans.


First off guys thank you so much for the daily pick on Psycho Bliss, as well as new followers. We're close of hitting 700 followers.

I did mention a couple post back that I will be doing original contents for projects which I still attend to do. Not to say I don't have another fan made bout in mind brewing...

Over Working or Not Enough Work!?


I've been reading up on some posts here lately and I see some are going through the over work or no work phase and I can totally relate guys.

We all have dreams, ambitions, goals and more. If it's getting that dream job you always wanted, finding a relationship, or what ever the case maybe. Have you ever thought about what it is that's preventing you from reaching those goals? (Adulting!)


It could be many thing that's out of our control!?...or... it could just be our own procrastination getting in way... or we just wasting 8 hours or more of our time of the day working at jobs we love or hate. The amount of hours you spend at a job can be used for something much more productive.


But bills need to be paid. Yes this is true in a society where one need to work to earn currency just...to...give...it....back...hmm......................................................................................................................................................................................


On a real folks, I feel like Z here.


I'm not trying to work forever at a company to make some old rich person richer, people laugh or say I'm to young to retire. I reply (Isn't that the point of retiring young so you can enjoy the rest of your life early. From the looks of it, they keep raising the age rang for retirement and for what? Why must you live the way they tell you? By the time you reach the age of retirement, you're to old and tired to enjoy the retirement.) Reality sinks in.


I will be taking a bit of time off for myself for sometime and will be going through a transition with things far as work, art and IRL. Spring cleaning is here and I'm really, really, really trying to down size marital things as much as possible, I'm not moving just yet, but when the time comes I will have less to carry. And it's looking to a point to move out of country.


Yes this is part of the IRL transition where I'm considering of starting a new life else where. Away from the US nonsense where cost of living is not so high, grown ass men with power fighting like kids and where woman will respect me for who I am and support what I do. Pretty much becoming a passport bro. :p


I see no real reason to stay in this state where there's no progress than working every day. I'm going to continue to work for myself. No point of working hard at jobs that don't respect the hard work you give. If I'm going to work hard, then I'm working hard for myself. With that said...

Art Convention


I will be getting back into doing art streams as well, giveaways and more. Commission will be coming soon. I'm still in process of working on Do's and Don't. Also new Prints are available on Universal Flavor. Poster Prints and Laminated Prints Coming Soon.


Just a reminder Thy Geekdom Con is coming up this May. A 3 day weekend of awesomeness. I've been prepping for this event and future one.

I invested about $1k or more in products and prints for this moment.


Don't you just love it when things fall into place in your favor unexpected? Well sometime last month I mark a reminder on the calendar on the first weekend of April to do a product check. And how about my new laptop and my print order came on the same day. :O What are the odds.

Also I was willing to pay full price to get the Clip Studio Paint program. Just when I was about to make that move I decided to wait one more day. And behold, I receive an email about it going on sale the next day...Yoink! Yup. Lucky break, full package for much cheaper price.

I'm taking this as a sign of moving in the right direction and to do want I want to do. Work been taking way too much of my time folks and I don't plan on working my life away. I'm not comparing my life with others nor letting those tell me how to live my life.


And thanks to @twisted4000 for animating Queeny for me. Many thanks T for coming through with the commission.



A new cycle is happening and with the FAKE eclipse that happened the other day. Yes (Fake Eclipse or Elips) but hey, don't mind me, to me it just looks like someone is masking the Sun. Oh wait! Where's the moon? Normally on clear sky we see the moon. And how is the moon same size as the Sun or is the moon closer to the Earth? Well let's not go down that rabbit hole. Hard to crawl out if you go in too deep. (Spits red and blue pill out.)

And that's all I have for now folks.

Just wanted to give thanks and share a bit of news and insight with you.

Spring time is here and summer is near. Time to let it all lose!


Until Then




Posted by MysticSkillz - 1 month ago

Greetings Newgrounds Peoples and Fans.

Psycho Bliss Published!


Until Then




Posted by MysticSkillz - March 2nd, 2024

Greetings Newgrounds Peoples and Fans


Universal Flavor


Besides work taking up most of my time, I been busy on the side lines re-branding myself and stocking up with some goodies. Due to the limitation uploads to one of my vendor sites I've decided to broaden my print shop with another vendor as well for more items to be made.


With that said Universal Flavor will be the umbrella page for Original Content Video, and Digital Prints.

It contains verity of character Pin-Ups you can select from.

Giveway prizes will be held during live streams so go give a follow there.

All original contents. Fan made videos will remain here on Newgrounds and Youtube, I'm separating fan made contents from my website. Will be taking up commissions again soon.


The GeekDom Con In May!

Yes folks! It's on! As I mention in previous post I would like to start attending events when so and here is one I will be attending to. Post below if you attending as visitor or vendor. Not only that I will be attending this Con I will be vending as well so stop by my table :D I will have some goodies.


A 3 day weekend of awesome artists from all around. What makes me really hyped about this upcoming Con is a must be original works and product Con. Meaning all items must be original! YAY! I can't wait... Hold on! Let's not get too hype. High hopes means a long fall.

Fallen Kingdom

iu_1169713_1968023.pngYou bet The Queen will be representing at the Con and we are looking to try to live stream the event as well.

Also folks I do plan to put out one more short episode for the Queen. I do wish to continue her shorts but I would like to take it a step further with this.


I'm looking to changing up the format for this project in many ways, I can commission animators to help with animation or I can bluntly just do it myself with a bit of help. So if anyone that's willing to lend an animation hand in 2D and 3D skills like to help with this project feel free to hit me up. This will be a paying job project if the price is right. I don't want to rely on rotoscoping for this.


Speaking of animation! I like to give a shout out to @Twisted4000 for letting me commission him for an animation intro of Queeny. I'm looking forward to seeing how she will turn out. Also congrats to twisted for reaching affiliate on twitch. Show that man some love there folks.

Psycho Bliss


It's coming along, trying to put in some frames after work. This might be my last sprite animation project for some time. As I mention in previous post that I want to focus more on my art and streams. I'm going to start pushing more original content than fan made.


And at this point I can say Jungle Hunt 4 is pretty much canceled as well. Part of me and I mean a small, small, small part of me thought about using AI voice generator for movie project. It won't be the same feeling as having real actors play the part. So Harley has something to say about that...


Thats all for now folks. Time to go ham this year.

Until Then




Posted by MysticSkillz - January 31st, 2024

Greetings Newgrounds Peoples and Fans.



First post of 2024 – (Sorry it's a bit late due to IRL)

Well here we are now in 2024, hope everyone had a good X-Mas and New Years. I normally don't talk about any personal business here. X-mas and New Years wasn't too great :/ as my dad had to spend it in the ER this year. Fortunately he recovered just fine. That was to close for comfort folks, hard to stay positive about things when life just wants to crush the small guys.



Well... this is one of the reasons I find it hard to be hyped about things until the moment is happening.


Due to humans abusing the TOS twitch kindly put upon us artists to allow simi-nudity to the platform, some simply can't just have some respect for themselves as well as for the platform, some streamers decided to attempt to make it into a porn hub pretty much and over bare their nudity, also the fact that with AI generators also took effect of this action of having Twitch to Rollback the nudity TOS the very next day...

Comic Con Soon


Well there is some good news out of this... I'm close to 700 followers here on NG. Thanks guys.

As I mention in the last post I like to start attending comic cons again, until I get all the details in order I will give updates where and when. Some prepping taking place.



Work been taking so much time out of the day, not much sun light in my area can be exhausting. And this cold weather is not helping at all.


Putting some work to the streaming channel with a new trigger alert, this is the longest alert by far and Queeny just has something to say.


Psycho Bliss will be worked on and off in February, with the plate starting to pile up again with projects I'm not rushing this. There is no release date for this. Stop by streams if you want to catch it in the making sometime.

That's all for now folks sorry starting off with drama news and for this post being late.

Lots to consider for this year.

Until Then.





Posted by MysticSkillz - December 18th, 2023

Greetings Newgrounds Peoples and Fans.


Good bye 2023 and welcome 2024. A new year is around the corner and I hope 2023 was good for you all. I'm not the one to get into politics and the news of all the chaos that man is doing to each other.

Prayers goes out to those that get caught in the middle of their game.



2023 wasn't bad at all, even so I put most of my time into Queeny for streaming. And much love to you for front pages on her. There will be more stories for her to tell next year, if you're a fan of her feel free to submit your fan art and we will be glad to add it to our gallery. Also check out her latest short episode.

For those who don't know Queeny Plush is live. Click link to order yours today.




I have decided to make 2 on 2 bouts be my go to project when feel bored as hell. Inspiration drive be training and adulting keeps getting in the way. I admit I'm at the point where I feel like just living off the grid at times. Well anyways here's what got done this year.






For 2024 I'm going attend conventions and get back into doing art work. Now that twitch has allow artist to stream nude work...No Not Hentai! I feel the creative cage has open wider. No I don't tend to just draw nude art all the time, I'm not looking for that kind of attention so don't ask me to draw porn.



I'm ready for 2024, I don't care what new virus they want to put out there, I'm going ham! If you fellow artists feel the same then do so. Enough of this nonsense that's getting in the way of your dreams. What ever you got working for yourself, no matter how big or small your business is keep going until you want to stop.



I come to realize at this point trying to revive old school projects will be extreme difficult to do. Getting a team together for fan made projects isn't as easy as it was back then. The good old days when I was able to pump out projects one after another.

Frieza's Wish 4?


Not likely to happen, I do have a story in mind for this one which would of taken place back on Earth with the rest of the Z fighters. And this would of base around Majin Buu.

Jungle Hunt 4?


Doubt it! All my original voice actors and animators have moved on, even so no responds in joining ether of these projects has come up. This is not a guilt trip post so don't feel bad not responding.

Next Bout.


This is something I have in mind for the next match up for 2024, follow me on Twitch to see it in the making.

Also I'm going to leave this one right here just in case.


This is the final post of 2023 and hope to see you all in 2024. Buckle up folks 2024 may be a real bumpy ride with things. Have safe Holiday and New Year.

Until Then.




Posted by MysticSkillz - December 4th, 2023

Greetings Newgrounds Peoples and Fans


Fallen Kingdom Episode 3 is published. This time around Queeny will find a little bit about the human species.

Thank You Followers!


Wow 685 followers :O

Thank you guys so much! I'm grateful for support hear on NG. You guys inspire me to keep creating content and I love doing so. With this said during some live stream sections on Twitch I'll be doing a lot of give a way's for this month. Prizes will vary from Prints, Steam Games, Currency Points on Stream and other cool perks I can come up with.  

Until Then




Posted by MysticSkillz - October 16th, 2023

Greetings Newgrounds Peoples and Fans.


First off! Many thanks to the new followers here as well as the love and support. It means a lot to me to see those whom take interest in the type of content I do. Art, Sprite Animating & Streaming. When I first started here on newgrounds which was many moons ago, all I posted here was art. I never thought as time goes on I would be doing some type of animation or even becoming a streamer.

And I must say Newgrounds played a big part in my growth, I met some of you at the Newgrounds office and most of all to met @tomfulp himself, such a humble man there I tell ya.

Any who, I'm going to make this a quick post so let's get to it.

Art & Commissions


I think it's time for me to get back into doing some art work again and feel it's time for me to change up my style of work. I've been viewing a lot of cool art work here as well as on DeviantArt. Some inspiration is brewing up for a new style to my shop.


What does this mean? The means I will be revamping some of my style to a more Inspirational, Spiritual, Eye-Candy, Urban style of content.... Well isn't that what I have now? Yes! But it needs to be better. Some products to the shop will be removed.


If you interested in my art you can catch my products on Society6. Again some designs may no longer be available and new ones to come. I will be spamming them here.


I appreciate those for contacting me to do commission work for sprite animating, but I'm not taking any sprite animation commission works at this time. I will post a commission list for what I'm willing to provide once I get some things off IRL plate.

Jungle Hunt 4?


Far as making a mini series for the Queen I really don't have any other side projects in mind.

I would like to work on Jungle Hunt 4 but I don't think I can get the team together for another episode or even recruit new ones.


So... Voice actors and sprite animators wanted.

Catch All Three Episodes.

Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3

Consoles & Power Brick for Sale.


Just a reminded to those whom may be interested in these consoles, they are still up for grabs along with all the games I have for them. There are games for SNES - New Geo - Sega Genesis as well.


Also I have a new power brick for my PC and order the wrong one. If anyone interested in a brand new, open box power brick with warranty for $40 please feel free to hit me up. Here are the specs.


Going Hiatus


I will be taking a break from working on sprite projects and start focusing more on original content projects. It was a lot of fun working on Corruption, I manage to develop a new choreograph style for myself and it was interesting to work with characters I normally don't know about.

So I'm going to be off Newgrounds for a while. I may drop one more video for Queen for the last project of this year.

So going off the Newgrounds grid for some time folks, I will pop in to check PM's if any.   

Until Then





Posted by MysticSkillz - September 22nd, 2023

Greetings Newgrounds Peoples and Fans.

Corruption Published


Until Then




Posted by MysticSkillz - August 29th, 2023

Greetings Newgrounds Peoples and Fans.


Well the end of summer is here, that's it! :P What's next?





Yeah this is happening. 


Until Then




Posted by MysticSkillz - July 24th, 2023

Greetings Newgrounds Peoples and Fans.


Summer is at the half way point and things are heating up even more.


I decided to treat myself with a major upgrade to the system. This is not really meant for gaming but more for the performance of getting things done. Don't get it twisted, gaming is a major plus.


Due to the climate of this inflation, moving to another location is becoming a bit more difficult than expected, with the cost of living on the rise and more people are moving in the area, it's getting a bit crowded. I've talked about doing this for the past 2 years now and until some struck of luck shines upon me to relocate for a reasonable budget... I'm doing one more year.

Console Sale


Consoles are still up for grabs guys. And someone out there is eyeing up most you see here, first come first serve. X-Box 360 is no longer available, PM me if you're interesting in a console and we can work something out. All games I have for the console will be included.

Getting back into drawing.


I plan on getting back into drawing soon and looking forward to doing so. I have a new style of work in mind for my shop and doing something for NFT. Will do my best to be more active with other social medias sites I happen to be on.

Fallen Kingdom – Analog Episode - know the Queen.


Wow! Thank you guys so much for the front page of Queeny. So much time and work went into her and I'm glad people love her. She also has something in mind pretty soon folks, we had a talk about what she want to do for her project and she will like to tell you first hand. No due date when it will happen, she don't like to be rushed with it.

Jungle Hunt 4?


What do you folks think about this project? Is Jungle Hunt 4 worth doing? If so, then here is where you can have a chance to take part in this project. First off Voice Actors Wanted! It will require a new cast members to play some of the major heroes if you think you have what it takes to play any of the characters you see in the image above as well as Harley Quinn, Alfred.


Also if any of the original members that voice the characters in the early episode wish to return to the project feel free to let me know. Also sprite animators wanted to help take off some of the work load. Please do not take it personal if you do not get picked for the project. Voice Actor Must Provide Sample of the character/characters you wish to play the role for.


Voice actors can improvise the lines as they see fit and animators are free to choreograph the actions scenes. I will provide direction on how your scene will end. Don't hold me to this project, this is just something I want to toss out there. If the team is looking good then production can go into effect.

This is a fan made for fans project.

And that concludes this summer half way post. Stay hydrated and be safe out there.

Until Then.