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Greetings Newgrounds Peoples and Fans.

1968023_152132378192_Dead-Space-Xbox-Backward-Compatible_Header.jpgLatetly I've been doing a bit of gaming on Twitch such as God of War, Mario Kart, Zelda and even some retro games. For the next few weeks I plan to go through the Dead Space series for X-Box 360. If you guys are brave enough, feel free to come watch me rock this series. Streaming will take place 11:30 PM EST tonight. 

Follow me on my Twitch Page to know when I'm live. You may also come join my Discord server which you will find the link on front page. More news and updates on projects and such will come next month.

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Lack of Good Content!

2018-02-01 15:58:26 by MysticSkillz

Greetings Newgrounds Peoples and Fans.


Honestly this has been a long time coming and I can no longer hold it in. This site is lack of serious content and work that took years to do get shot down by contents that make no sense at all. I find it very unfair that projects that take some a week to work on wins over work that took years.

Granted it’s a fan made project but you guys have no idea the time and hard work put into these projects. I’m very disappointed that Frieza’s Wish episode 2 didn’t win, not even fifth place. Not saying that those entries that were picked wasn’t great, but come on!


It seems like sprite animation is dying out very fast and no one cares or support the artists that put time into them anymore. Especially when it’s serious story telling, but no! The state of consciousness of people seems to be dropping really fast! Sorry if it sounds like an insult but this is real talk. All I see here are rush projects that normally you’ll see on CN.

And this is just not happening to me, I’ve seen some really dope work that gets 4 stars or more and don’t even win a damn thing! Newgrounds has change a lot here and I’m seeing why some are leaving it. I’m not that far from doing so myself.

Sorry guys don’t expect too much from me this year, its frustrating putting so much work into something to get overlooked.  And I know I’m not the only one thinking so.

Leaving Newgrounds temporally till I feel like coming back.

Until Then




Frieza's Wish Episode 2 Publish!

2018-01-28 23:17:57 by MysticSkillz

Greetings Newgrounds Peoples and Fans.


Yes it’s been nearly a year since episode 1 and practically 2 years in development but it’s finally here.

Frieza's Wish Episode 2


The epic battle continues and our heroes will go head to head with the Hunters.

Unable to sense the power levels no telling how powerful these Hunters are.

Thank you team players for helping me out once again for making this happen. A lot of time a work has put into this big ass fan project and I hope you all will enjoy it as well ass we did in making it.

Recommend to check out Episode 1 first which you will find in the description part of the project. You can either love, hate it or make your own version. XD What can I say we are not perfect.

Until Then



Frieza's Wish Episode 2 Coming Soon!

2018-01-16 21:28:42 by MysticSkillz

Greetings Newgrounds Peoples and Fans.


We are about 98% complete for episode 2. My animators work hard on their part and were able to give what they could.

Episode 2 will be mostly about the Z fighters, also I was able to add a bit more action scenes on my behalf.

Since this is going to be an action pack episode, there won’t be much dialog to it; well not as much as it was in episode 1. But we are looking close to 20 minutes running time guys.

All scenes are turned in by the animators and now it’s just a matter of me to buckle down and do some major touches, finish up open scenes and add sounds, voices and do some major editing.

To my animators if you happen to work on phase 2 already send in what you have before the end of this month, it doesn’t have to be completed. I just need something for preview. ;)

Here is what to expect in order this time around.


18 vs Hunter 4 - Animated by @JoeDragonn


Krillin vs Hunter 3 Animated by @MysticSkillz


Gohan and Gotenks vs Hunter 2 Animated by @ReaperSound


Piccolo vs Hunter 1 Animated by @Diochi


Goku and Vegeta vs Frieza Animated by @MysticSkillz

You guys are more than welcome to add and write your info in the description box in the project.

Until Then


Good bye 2017! Greetings 2018!

2018-01-01 17:41:18 by MysticSkillz

Greetings Newgrounds Peoples and Fans.


Yes! 2018 is here and Happy New Year to you all. Now that 2017 is behind us we can now look back and move forward from here on out.

I must say last year was one of my best years; I’ve stayed focus on my craft and attend some collaboration all year around. Happy to help out where I can and I’m also grateful as well for the help I received.

I hope 2018 will be a good year for us all, besides the drama the media and politics will bring. I don’t know about the rest of you but I’ll remain on focusing on self instead of stressing out on their BS.


For the most part all I been doing is wasting my holidays and time working the job; summer came and went and now winter. But not to say it wasn’t rewarding! I’ve gotten two raises that year, able to invest some equipment and supplies. Attend two events, made some sales on prints and commissions; I’ve updated my website to http status. 


I will be spending most of my time working on my art work and continue pushing my little business.1968023_151484550143_Uf.png

As you may notice the new icon look I have going for my Queen, well… get used to seeing her because she is the new host mascot of my work. She’s taken over my website, twitch page and now here on Newgrounds. I even got her animated and soon will have her own story to tell this year, I plan to give her own web comic series. I decide to take one of my characters and go with it. So she’s the one.

Well for the past couple of months I’ve been animating my butt off with SD3 collaboration and Frieza’s Wish episode 2. 

For Frieza’s Wish episode 2 there are a few more recordings I’m in need of as well as some scenes to fill in the gap.

I’m looking sometime this month to try to get this done folks so we are pushing for this to happen. I know you fans out there been waiting pretty much over a year or so for this and I’m glad you guys are being patient with us.

It’s okay to give critique on something but it irritates me when people hate on something without giving a reason, especially if it’s about my members. They worked hard and help me out a lot to make this happen.

But what can I say…


As for Jungle Hunt 4 I may get back into as well but we can’t do this one just yet.


Also I may not pump out much sprite animations this year guys, besides SD3, DBZ and maybe another collab I can’t say right now is all that may come this year.

Since the holidays are now over and winter is here things will slow down at work. So I will have some extra time to myself. I will doing a lot more streaming this year on my Twitch page which you guys can follow me at.

Watch live video from mysticskillzms on

Come collect HP (Humble Points) to purchase free prints and other prizes I plan on giving away. Some fun little games are running in chat and Mega Raffles happen at times when a party happens. I try to make the stream fun as possible guys so you don’t have to be board watching me work on something. When I’m board there are times I’ll stream some game plays just for the heck of it.

I still plan to move into a new location and at this point a studio apartment is looking pretty fresh for my needs. 


First plan is to move in with some peoples but this is not curtain, I don’t want to have to wait or have those wait for me to make the move so I’m already thinking plan B. At the same time I hope I can manage to attend more art events this year. So drawing is going to be heavy this time around.

And there you have it folks, first post of 2018.

Have you done what you wanted last year?

What do you have planned for this year?

Feel free to share below.

Until Then


Greetings Newgrounds Peoples and Fans.


Just like to say this will be my final post for 2017! It’s has been one busy year and I’m so grateful for all the new fans and followers that came along.


1.Been putting some time updating website.
2.Frieza’s Wish
3.Art Work and Prints Made
4.Attend Comic Con
5.Animated Queen Character
6.Sentinal Destruction 3 Entry
7.Twitch Affiliated


Looking back at the list I feel proud of all I was able to achieve this year and will do my best to continue to move forward…And speaking of moving forward.

What’s to come for 2018!


As some of you may already know Sentinal Destruction 3 is under development and will be coming 2018.

This will be our best one yet.

Frieza’s Wish Episode 2


We are pretty close of getting this done. Lately I’ve been doing some heavy animating and I’m happy how my scene is turning out. A good amount of action is going down but it will be mostly between Vegeta and Frieza for my behalf. I’ve gotten most of the scenes need to complete the episode. New lines had to be written and handed over to my actors.

All team members are back on board and patiently waiting for this to happen.

It’s been over a year but we hope it’ll be worth the wait.

Twitch and Discord

I am so grateful for those who help me reach my goal with Twitch.


I’m finally affiliated with them and Streams have been so much fun lately. I’ve also finally got around by create my own server on Discord.

That right folks, if you have discord you can join my server Link will be limited time only. Become a member and get updates, post and promos you can post. During streaming live chat may go down.

There are fun games and prizes that take place during streams.

We be having a lot of fun and support each other right?!

@Crabbwalker @SailorSilverStar @beaveranimations


And you may run to others known from here as well.

So don’t be shy guys feel free to come join the fun when so, lots of giveaway prizes will be happening.

This is my last post for the year guys.

So everyone have a safe and blissful holiday.

I will see you guys next year.

Until Then.



News, Updates and December Hibernation!

2017-12-02 21:19:45 by MysticSkillz

Greetings Newgrounds Peoples and Fans.





Hosted By @Techlesswayz


Yes I will be working on Frieza’s Wish for most part of streams. Winter is pretty much here and I’m ready to hibernate in animating and drawing. So come join my streams and have some fun. 

Until Then



November and December Hiatus News Post!

2017-10-30 22:46:23 by MysticSkillz

Greetings Newgrounds Peoples and Fans.


It’s that time again for a news post of updates and projects that’s going to be taking place for the next couple months.

November is going to be a pretty busy month, with seasonal coming around my job will be offering more hours which I must take advantage of while I can. Sometime in 2018 I plan to move into a new location. I have no set date for this move but I’m hoping to get it before August next year. I’m already taking time to even pre-pack some things before hand.

Art News.


LevelUpEmterainment Comic Fest was pretty decent. I was able to share a table with my brother this time and we manage to make a few sales and push some cards out there.

Art has always been my passion ever since I was a kid. I’m glad I found a way to put my work out there that people will like and buy a print.

Fellow Newgrounders if you are interested in purchasing a print visit Universal Flavor to snag one. My work is available on all types of products such as Duff Bags, Wall tapestries T-Shirts and More. Snag a print and get your pic uploaded to my website at.


Very special thanks to @Crabbwalker for snagging a Yemaya laptop print!


Thank you so much for your support good sir. This means a lot to me. Please be sure to check out @Crabbwalker work, a very talented animator, show him some love and follow him on Twitch where you can catch him animating live.

Animation News.


Frieza’s Wish Episode 2 is still in development. We have no set publishing date on this yet. So this project may fall into 2018. There is still much I need to work on my behalf as well. I’ve been pretty inspired what’s going down in Dragon Ball Super, the fighting scenes are amazing and I’m getting a few ideas on what to do for the project.

So just hang tight on this one guys.

Sentinel Destruction 3


That’s right guys. @Techlesswayz is putting the team together for another epic robot beat down. We aren’t sure we will get this done by Robot day. But we have something pretty cool in mind for this one.


Still till this day I find part one and two pretty cool. It shows that we came a long way doing sprite animations. This time we will show no mercy.

Twitch News

Watch live video from mysticskillzms on

As you can see peoples I’m going to be pretty busy for the next couple of months. Winter is coming and this is pretty much what I have plan for hibernation. With all this lined up I may not be on active here on Newgrounds for some time.

I will be spending a lot of time over on Twitch where I’ll be Streaming Art Work, Animation and even Video Gaming. I will leave the channel here if you ever wish to catch me live sometime.

By attending my streams you can earn points by viewing, hosting, or entering raffle. These are extra perks I added to the stream to make things a bit more interesting. With the points you can purchase a free Pin-Up Print. Giveaways may also happen at some point.

Speaking of extra perks, special thanks to @Mindchamber for brining my Queen character to life, she’s coming along just fine for hosting. She will appear on stream when someone host or follows for now.

Look at them bounce XD!


Next year I hope I can tell her story.

Well that concludes what’s going down folks. I’m going to be off this site for a while till things get rolling again.

Another year is coming to an end soon as well as another year on Newgrounds.  


Until Then


Greetings Newgrounds Peoples and Fans.


Just like to share that Next Weekend at LevelUpEntertainment a Comic Fest will be going down on the 28th.

It'll all be going down at the mall in Mayslanding. If you guys plan on attending the event I will be attending the event as well as a vendor.


So feel free to stop by my table Number 4 and say hi. :) I will have some cool items and prints for sale.

The event will take place around 10AM. 

Click the banner below for more details.


More News and Updates Will Come Next Month.

Until Then


News, Updates and Project.

2017-10-01 22:10:12 by MysticSkillz

Greetings Newgrounds Peoples and Fans.

ComicFest at LevelUpEntertainment

I will be a vendor at this event so feel free to stop by my table. 



Just like to share some updates on what’s been brewing on my end and some updates on projects that’s it the works.

First thank you new fans that came along for the ride, stick around I will do my best to bring you more cool contents and videos. I’m working in a few collaboration projects with some fellow members here on Newgrounds. I can assure you it’s going to be great.


Frieza’s Wish episode 2 Wrath of the Hunters is close to completion. This time around we’ll be focusing more on the rest of the Z fighters and how they will be able to handle the Hunters. The animators are doing a serious job on their scenes and I have to tell you guys this is going to be one epic episode. 

@ReaperSound @Diochi @DragonBallSF @DrTerryDactyl @JoeDragonn 






I maybe in need of a voice actor to play the role of one of the Hunters. The original actor I had in mind may not be able to continue this role.  If any of my fellow male actors would like to pick up an extra role for the project let me know.

Art News

This year Levelupentertainment will be having another comic book day event on the 28th of this month in mays landing. I will become a vendor once again this year and my brother may join me as well. I’ve been stocking up on prints and I’m just about all set to go.

If any of you guys going to the event feel free to stop by my table, I haven’t receive the info on where I’ll be station; but I have request near the exit again.


If you guys like to purchase and Print go visit my shop, PM for a promo code to get discount.


Also I’ve taking the time to put some work into my own website. I’ve revise it to be more Universal appeal. You can check it out at


@Mindchamber is doing an amazing job bringing my Queen character to life, she will the new host for my website and will also be feature during my live stream sessions.

She’s coming along amazing and I can’t wait to see the finish.


While on the subject of streaming, I’ve been doing quite bit of it for art, animation and even video game streams, some day I plan on start doing give away prints promos. You can catch me on Twitch.

And that conclude the first of the month post.

Until Then