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Pretty good fight, good animation with the characters. Here are some future tips for the next one.

1. Make sure your background don't break out of shot when camera shaking, (Meaning you don't want to show the edges of the background or front-ground.)
2. Blur out the background when doing fly by, the blur effect will give the impression that the characters are zooming in the air at high speed rate.
3. Modify your effects to screen, that way they don't have a black boarder around them, if your not sure how to do this, change the effect symbol into a movie clip and go to it's properties.

Other than that good job.

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PrimeStone responds:

Thanks! These were really helpful tips! Thanks for watching!

Good job guys. Epic.

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TechLeSSWaYz responds:

Thank you sir ^ ^ !

You just got yourself another fan. A series I'll be following.

JTmovie responds:

Never thought I would hear those words. Thanks so much!

Wow! Very impressive sprite work! I've been waiting for part two of this and it was well worth the wait. I enjoyed every bit of it and you brought back some childhood memories.
Great Job! I will be looking forward to Act 3.

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lol, how right you are. Contra wasn't a easy game to complete. Thank god for game genie.

This is really cool! I love it! I like the concept, good animation and style. It also has a love story to it along with an epic adventure feeling. It also feels like this would be a cool game to play. 5 stars, deserves front page.

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airman4 responds:

Thanks a whole lot ! glad to get some good review !

Dang T! This is hot! Sick choreograph and custom sprite work. Nice detailing with the reflection on the ground as well as using HD sprites. Pretty epic man. Keep them coming!

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TechLeSSWaYz responds:

Thanks man ! I actually had a lot of fun with this project. This will probably be my new style. lol

Wow! Another epic battle. I have to give it to Ryu, he did held his own. But Kratos is a beast, they don't call him the God of War for nothing.

Wow! Impressive portfolio G. Your very talented in what you do and I'm so grateful for you helping me with my projects as well and hope we continue to work together. Thank you!

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Gianni responds:

It's my pleasure. Your work is awesome and you're always a blast to work with. So no, thank YOU!

Yes! Finally! It's been a long wait on this and it's here! This is soooo awesome! And it was also cool to see you live stream the making of this. I will be looking forward to any more of you future projects.

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