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Greetings Newgrounds Peoples and Fans.


Episode 1 is finalized and completed. I’ve reached out to the animators and they are still working on their scenes. This is perfect actually! After some test runs and hours of rendering with a few errors, episode 1 is pretty much the start off of what’s to come.

There are more dialogs to come but it will require the rest of the scenes from you guys.

So guys please take as much time as you need. You guys are covered! Trust me!

If you guys wish to see it before publish then view it under Preview in the project manager. 

No changes will be made to the project everything is final due to render errors!

And since this puts it ahead of schedule, I’m debating to publish this next week.


For one I think you guys waiting long enough for this and second the two weeks was for extra time.

Voice actors some of you may have small parts but I made sure you guys still made it in on this.

Also sorry to a couple of animators that didn’t make the first episode, but if things turn out different you may make it in to part 2.

I will be taking some time off from animation. I need a good break from the project for now, so you guys can relax and work on it when ever. There is no date or deadline for episode 2 because it’ll be pretty much for you guys. Don’t worry I do have more scenes for myself to add.

So back ups is needed and it’s time for me to clean up the mess.

Until Then




Frieza's Wish. Publish Date!

2017-01-31 00:22:53 by MysticSkillz

Greetings Newgrounds Peoples and Fans.


Artist - ShingYong84

March of 2017 is the Month I’ll be publishing Frieza’s Wish Episode 1.


This project grew way bigger than I expected and I’m force to make the movie into a two part episode.

Episode one will be pretty much the build up storyline of everything that’s going to happen with the good guys and the bad guys. Some of my animators reached out to me on their progress and they are doing a great job on their parts. Some maybe near completion and others may take a bit more time to do. And others I yet heard back from, so doing this can work in our favor by having a two part movie. All lines haven't been used yet!


Episode two will be more epic and heavy duty and I will be able to write a bit more into the story. This also gives the animators more time to work. 


I like to give thanks to the following for helping this project get this far. I really, really, REALLY appreciate all you guys done for me. Running time will be around 37 Minutes.

My Team Players! THANK YOU!

@stephenjpena @austinjaycook @FussBox @gianni @Markafoi @sailorsilverstar @Rollu @lesismoar @shock-dingo @saminat @Supahninja @retroarcademonkey @espsiongold2  @HipnikDragomir @RealFaction @Cubixfails 

@DragonBallSF @diochi @joedragonn @ReaperSound @drterrydactyl @athanatos @deshiel @AliceMako @agitat0r @Blazejecar

You guys did an amazing job and once this is out feel free to use it as you please.

For now I will be going back to each scene doing some major polish, touch ups and corrections.  

Here is the Final Trailer for the up coming project.

Until Then



After Nearly Two Years!

2017-01-24 00:52:19 by MysticSkillz

Greetings Newgrounds Peoples and Fans.


If it wasn’t for the help of the team this project would not have come to life. So I like to thank you fan and most of all the team for participating in this project. Indeed it’s a lot of work and time put into this and things are coming together guys. You inspire me so much to continue working on this.

The project has reached it’s half an hour mark! That’s right peoples! An whole half an hour is already put into this project and more is still being added. 

This will be one of the reasons for my absent for some time. I’m ready to go in on this and hit it hard. Fellow animators, same deadline applies till March if you can knock it out sooner will be great.

And now it all comes down to this! The long awaited epic battle has begun. Finally I’m able to work on my scene and I will do my best to make this battle epic as possible. I happen to finish up a warm up scene and now the real deal is going down.  

So hear is snap shot…Boom!


Until Then




Going off Newgrounds and Update 1/21!

2017-01-13 22:44:11 by MysticSkillz

Greetings Newgrounds Peoples and Fans.


First I just like to thank those taking part in this DBZ project that’s going on. We pretty much have most of all the lines recorded and handed in, both good and bad side of the story is completed. Just a few more caps to fill for the some scenes far as dialog.


I know I just made a recent post but I need to say a few things real quick, I’m going to be off Newgrounds for some time. Two reasons! One, I’m going to be putting a lot of time into the Frieza’s Wish Project. Two, A side job came up and it may require me to step away from flash for some time but this is not curtain.

Some major changes are taking place in the production.


New actors have joined the team and this gives us a chance to polish up some previous scenes. Also I’ve been thinking about animating their profile shots for different expressions. So some major differences may take place in the final from what you guys seen in trailers and pilot episodes.

I did a quick composite of what’s on hand for both side of the story along with Broly scene animated by @Blazejecar total up to 30:00 minutes guys. Holy cow! Now it’s all up to the rest of you fellow animators to show what happens to the rest of the heroes facing off the Hunters.


No further trailers will be release till the final production. If and only if you guys are interested, between animating and drawing art work you can give me a follow on Twitch to catch any future streams I may have.  

To My fellow Animators!

@DragonBallSF - @nagamoto - @diochi - @joefextion - @ReaperSound @drterrydactyl

You can animate the scene more than five minutes if you chose to do so, also you may leave the music file out of your scenes. Due to my set back I’ve decided to expand the deadline to the end of March. Do you think you will be able to finish by then?

Please let me know your status. Once Completed please put the FL, Swf, Mp4 files in a compress folder and upload it to your dumpbin or project share bin and message me the Url to your file. And I’ll handle the rest.

Until Then



Re-Caption for 2016 - 2017

2017-01-07 16:00:06 by MysticSkillz

Greetings Newgrounds Peoples and Fans.


Hope everyone had a good New Years and is ready to start off things with a new.

I’m sure hell is ready and first I like to start my first post of 2017 by recap of 2016 as well as what plans I like to bring for 2017.

Re-caption 2016:

Well first off I must say it wasn’t all that bad, there where a few things I really haven’t got a chance to accomplished all that I like to have accomplish. But never the less you still need to appreciate that is given. ;)

Thank You Fans for Helping me reach my 400 fan goal mark, you guys gave me over 400 last year. 

I love you all!


Pico Day


Made a pop in on @RealFaction video. XD

I’m glad I got a chance to attend Pico Day last year and got up with some of you. And was only able to stay for a short amount of time, I hope I can attend it once again this year and be able to stay for the weekend and just chill.

Gouken vs Oni-Akuma

Finally the Ryu vs Akuma Saga is over and I thank you all for award it got for the daily pick. I admit that project was pretty fun to work on and it helped me develop and new style for sprite fights, and defiantly warmed me up for the current project.


Interesting enough it got a lot of views on my Youtube channel which I didn’t think it would get in a few months. I’m glad people still enjoying it.

Frieza’s Wish Pilot Episode.

Oh boy…! All year round I’ve put most of my time working on this. Most of it working, editing, working with the actors, is a lot of work and time consuming. But this will be worth it folks. From the outside point of view I can see it’s hard to imagine what’s going to happen in this project.

It was a tough call to make for releasing a pilot episode, but what you seen was just the bits of the beginning from the good guy’s point of view.


The actors did an awesome job playing the roles. They gave me plenty to work with and this helps bring the right personally for each of the characters.

There are some delays in the production, such as animation and recording goes, major backs ups had taken place due to flash being a bitch at the moment. This may cause me to reinstall it and make sure no future errors come to play. So for that matter I may have to extend the deadline a little bit more till completion, but fellow animators try to make March your deadline, if you have any issues on your parts please inform me of your status.  Some of you already have done so.

I really appreciate those who took place and was interested in participating as animator and voice acting in this collaboration, I completely understand your reasons for unable to proceed in taking part.

Break Down.


Even so this project evolves around Frieza and his revenge towards the saiyans. Babidi has a pretty important role for this project that will be played by @RealFaction which I must say did an amazing job. As well as the rest of you, you too did an amazing job as well. I know some of you had small parts but still play a major part in this project thank you.


Using the same method he used to revive Majin Buu, Babidi will gain the energy needed to cast the spell in order to gain contact with one of the Hunters.

Babidi will also explain a little bit of history about the Dragon Balls and will be able to make contact with one of the Hunters.

But it won’t be easy for Frieza. Yes Frieza is a very powerful being, in order for all this to happen Babidi will need the energy to do so. So with the help of the other minions, Frieza will go through some intense training, and will face off with the strongest of them all.

Some in between scenes taking place.

So now skipping ahead a bit, this is where the Pilot Episode comes into play.


Beerus stops in on Earth to inform Goku and Vegeta, Frieza’s has return.

There will be no more trailers for the project. I feel at this point I shouldn’t give you guys too much. Until anything, it’s all a matter of continuing production till completion.

And you’re pretty much caught up at this point. For the first half of this project, the second half comes down to the rest of the animators which they will be working on the fight scenes for the heroes. Also more dialog work will come, but it will require scenes from the rest of the animators.

Lol sorry fellow animators to put you on blast like this. But please continue on and feel free to leave the music out if you choose to do so. I can add them in later.

Make your fights longer if you like to do so.

Stone Sorceress


Yeah you guys notice a couple Adult films been added to my gallery.

Haha well I’ve done voice work for @stone-sorceress. It was my first voice acting gig, so I jumped on board. ;)

I happen to play as Asoba at the time. And Commissioned to draw a pic.



Plans for 2017

And here we are, another year on Newgrounds and counting. Let’s see where we go from here and hope to bring some cool things to the site when I can. I hope to see you guys continue to do your thing as well as I shall I.

This year I hope I can attend more art conventions as well as comic cons. People keep telling me I need to put my work out there more often, so this year I will.

Art Work and Commission

Sprite Animation was not my only focus point of 2016.

I’m open for Commission work if any of you would like a drawing from me.

You can PM me what you would like, it can be original or fan art.

Nude or Non-Nude. No Pornography!

That’s not all I’m also working on my own Pin-Up Print page, where you can purchase any of my Original concept drawing. I called it Universal Flavor.



You can get an 8 x 10 Frame Print or 11 x 17 and Wall Tapestry Prints.

You can also purchase a Print of T-Shirt and get a Free Print.

Check the website at


Also stop by and give a like on the


Well that’s all I have to say for the start off of 2017.

Until Then



Happy New Year and Frieza's Wish (Trailer 4)

2016-12-28 22:35:50 by MysticSkillz


Greetings Newgrounds Peoples and Fans.


Wow I can’t believe how well this is turning out so far, the story is at 100% umm… 110% written out, and for that reason is something extra came up on the project and expanded it just a bit bigger. I love the team that’s on this, you guys did an amazing job and it’s coming to life.

There is a shit load of dialog story telling on this project, but we will make it up with the action. We pretty much past halfway at this point and more pieces is being made and added.

Now that the holidays are coming to an end, I may have more time to animate. Just a few more in between to take care of and I can begin working on my fight…finally..........


So much is being put into this thing and I believe we only got 22 minutes worth done including one fight, and some of the animators inform me that they wish to animate their scenes longer. Wait what?! XD You guys rock! Go for it!

I’m telling you folks, I think this is going to be the most epic DBZ sprite project ever made. We are still trying our best to make this happen. So in the mean time enjoy the final trailer for 2016.

Watch it till the very end! ;)


See you guys in 2017.

Until Then



Urgent Goku Voice Actor Needed!

2016-12-20 17:13:43 by MysticSkillz

Greetings Newgrounds People and Fans.


I am in need of a voice actor to play the hero Goku for the second half of this movie! Do you have what it takes to be the hero!? I have the lines all written out and is ready to go. It's about a page worth, I know we are close to the holidays and everyone is busy shopping and getting things in order. But if you can manage to give me a quick turnaround on him will be a big plus. 


Story Line: 100% Done

Over All Animation: 58% Done

Lines Recorded: 95%

I finally completed writing this thing and now it's a matter of dropping the animation. I plan on releasing one more trailer for this project in January and I would like to add Goku into it. Please can anyone play this role down to the T?

I have yet heard back from the original actor, so I'm willing to let another share this role. This is a fan made for fans project and this can be a good portfolio project for us. :) PM me if you think you have what it takes to be a hero and I'll send you the script.

Until Then



Frieza's Wish Casting Call Update! And Status Report!

2016-12-13 13:36:08 by MysticSkillz

Greetings Newgrounds Peoples and Fans.


Story Line: 100% Done

Over All Animation: 58% Done

Lines Recorded: 95%


Just like to say I think we’ve reach about 57% completions on this project. Some of my animators have updated me on their progress, story is nearly completed and most of the lines have been recorded.

Casting Call Update 12/20/2016.

Sorry I should have mention this in previous post but I'm in need for backup actors for the characters. Some of the characters I have listed in previous post have been filled but not all.

Nappa is still open and I may need some backup actors to play the role of the following.

Goku - (Most of All!)

Elder Kai - Supreme Kai - Close

Frieza - Close

Nappa - Close


I’m giving the original actors till January for a reply, but till then I like to have back up actors on hand just in case things don’t work out. Again guys I need those who sound really close to original characters.

If the original actors don’t reply by then, I’ll give the part/parts to the one whom sounds the closes.

The lines for Goku and Frieza are pretty long because this is the second part of the movie that’s taking place. I have a lot of work that’s still need to get done and soon hope to work on the final fight in January.

The Kais and Nappa aren’t very long so those are pretty quick to do.


So if you’re interested in trying out the roles, let me know and I’ll send you the script for the character/characters you wish to try out for. A quick turn around is a plus, this helps me to go back and polish the previous scenes.

This is it guys! Final chance to get in this project.

Deadline till completion.

We are still looking at March of 2017 for this project if we can't help it. New Trailer Coming January 2017, something to start off for the first month of the new year. :)

Until Then



Frieza's Wish - Casting Call Update 12/10 - Production and Deadline.

2016-11-25 15:28:24 by MysticSkillz

Greetings Newgrounds Peoples and Fans.


First Thank You Guys So Much for Over 400 Fans.

This is one of the goals I wanted to reach and you guys made it happen.

You guys are the reason to keep me going. Much love to you all!


I hope everyone had a safe and blessing holiday. 

It’s that time of the year to be thankful for what you have. 

And Give Thanks.


Well I see that Newgrounds is going through a bit of change with the music use and some of my favs here are being deleted.

Sad to see they go honestly. :(


One of the reasons it’s good to work with fellow music artist here, they need some love too!

Okay guys, I think a year and some change is long enough for this project honestly. Some of you have contacted me about some changes and issues, so I understand that you may need more time. Please make copies and backups on your scenes. Use dumpbins. I really don’t want you to lose all that hard work. As for the rest I like to hear where you at. So………………

March of 2017 is the deadline I’m looking to set.


I think it’s time to go into over drive for some hard core animation. I’ve taking a month off from flash, so not to get to rusty it’s time to jump back in.


Update 12/3/2016

I have finished setting up 1/2 of Frieza's scene. The first half of the scene will be pretty much a flash back scene when Beerus paid a visit to Hell. Frieza and the rest will learn a little history about the Hunters and the Dragon Balls.

The other half will be save for later on through out the movie. Not everyone here will have a voice, once I get Frieza's recording on hand then I can go back and do some polishing. You can catch me sometime working on this live by scrolling below in the production section. 

Music Artist:

@athanatos @deshiel @AliceMako @Dem0lecule 

For my fellow music artists, thank you for sharing your music for this collaboration. I believe they will provide that cool intensity for the scenes. If you guys think you have more beats you think may work for the project please feel free to send me the link to it, have back ups is always good.


@nagamoto @diochi @joefextion @ReaperSound @drterrydactyl @DragonBallSF 

Fellow animators feel free to share any updates you may have, if you have trouble working on a scene or have any reason you can’t complete or work on it, let me know. March of 2017 is the dead line I would like to reach for. Honestly depending on the in between scenes I may have to work with, it’s possible you’ll have more time to work. December is the month I’ll be animating as much as I can to knock out as much as possible.

Voice Actors:

@DapperBomb @Shock-Dingo @FussBox @RealFaction

To my fellow voice actors, once you complete your parts feel free to send them to me. If you even got most of them done you may also send them to me. This makes things a little easier for me to align up everything.

Casting Call Update: 12/11/2016

Wanted Voice Actors for Characters.

Also Casting call for the following characters I need actors for. Their lines aren't very long, three or four lines the most. If you wish to try out for any of the following characters, send me a sample and I'll take a listen. Again the lines aren't very long but here is a chance to get in on this.

Current actors if you like to try out for the following as well you may do so. 

Goku and Frieza - Backup Actors Wanted!!!

King Yemma - Close

Captain Ginyu - Close

King Kai - Close

Nappa - Open

Speak loud and clearly and have a good quality audio. Send wav files. I’m looking for those who sound very, very close to original characters as possible. 


Some changes may need to be made on some things I have plan for this movie far as who will be playing which character/characters that I original had set to play as. Due to long term absent I was force to give the lines to another. So I hope things work out for that person. It is why you see the same message in each trailer. ;)

Behind the Scene 12/8/2016


Watch live video from Mysticskillz2013 on


The other reason I haven’t gotten any work done. I been busting my butt at work and early shifts sometimes take the wind out of me. Specially this past couple of weeks I felt like shit, but still manage to put in the hours. Especially with the holidays coming up my time and energy is vary.


So time to go Super Saiyan and Get Some Work Done.



Story Line: 95% Done

Over All Animation: 48% Done

Lines Recorded: 90%

 New Trailer Coming Soon - January 2017.

Until Then



Frieza's Wish Project News Update 11/22/2016

2016-10-17 17:13:52 by MysticSkillz

Greetings Newgrounds Peoples and Fans.


Update: 11/22/2016

Well guys it’s been a month since anything productive going on with my behalf. I been busting my butt at work and early shifts sometimes take the wind out of me. Specially this past week I felt like shit, but still manage to put in the hours. Especially with the holidays coming up my time and energy is vary.


But anyways I just like to say some changes may need to be made on some things I have plan for this movie far as who will be playing which character/characters that I original had set to play as. Due to long term absent I was force to give the lines to another. So I hope things work out for that person.

Do not fear! You haven’t heard any of the new characters yet, so there are really no new changes of the voices of the characters you heard all ready, so it’s all gravy.

We have a couple of new team players that join the club and the team got bigger. 


So I like to thank for joining @RealFaction - (Voice Actor) and @DragonBallSF - (Animator) for joining the team.

There are a few more files I’m waiting to get on hand before pressing on further far as writing. I find it easy to work one chunk at a time to help keep track on what is what.

So status is still as is.


Story Line: 90% Done

Over All Animation: 45% Done

Lines Recorded: 85%


And if I can I will try to post one more trailer in January 2017.

Coming Soon  2017.

Until Then