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Small Update.

2016-09-25 23:42:58 by MysticSkillz

Greetings Newgrounds Peoples and Fans.

First Thank You New Fans and Those To Come! 


Close of Reaching This Year Goal! To Reach 400 Fans XD

Project News


Just want to share with you guys a small update about the project.

So far so good! I’ve been busting my butt for months working on dialog scenes, animation, working with the animators, voice actors and music artists. It's coming along guys. :) Thank You Guys So MUCH!

We can do this!

@AliceMako @Athanatos @AustinJayCook @Awesome2dchannel @Blazejecar @DapperBomb @Deshiel @Diochi @DrTerryDactyl @espsiongold2 @FussBox @Gianni @Joefextion @LESisMOAR @Nagamoto @ReaperSound RebelLouiz @retroarcademonkey @Rocker962 @SailorSilverStar @Saminat @Shock-Dingo 

These guys are the best and I really can’t thank them enough for working with me on this project, it is amazing how well and professional they are with their talents.

And thank you guys for being patient with me, it’s starting to come together, some changes had to be made with some of the team members due to their own personal reasons.

No bad terms left, those know you are always welcome on any upcoming future projects.

I also like to give thanks to those whom even took interest and support on this project.



Well there is a decent amount of storyline going on here I admit, but honestly I’m a bit anxious in beginning to start animating fight scenes soon.  Well it’s getting there soon enough; for the past few months I’ve been focusing on the storyline from the good guy’s point of view.

So this side of the story is pretty much done, just need  correct some things and to fill in a few gaps during their travel to Namek.


This scene is running 6 close to 7 minutes running time but I'm not about to show all of it to you.

Soon it’s time to hear it from Frieza’s point of view, the next scene that’s going to be in the works is the Hell scene. This will be all Frieza side of the story, Beerus visit, Frieza's intense training as well as Babadi’s plans to help Frieza revive from hell.

After all there are two sides of a story.


Good news is this scene is all written out and most of the lines are recorded for it as well as one completed fight scene. Then after this moment the show down start here. ;)


This is where the rest of the animators will come in.

So far as storyline goes I would say it’s about 80% completed. From the amount of completed scene done so far, total up to 14 minutes of running time.

Holy Cow! Wait! What?! XD


Well any way guys, what else can I say? This is a 2017 thing and again once all the piece’s comes in, then we got our self’s a DBZ movie.

So I’m going to leave this here for a while. And this is all you getting for now.

Until Then



Greetings Newgrounds Peoples and Fans.


Sneak Peek Trailer number two is here.

In this scene Goku and Vegeta are doing a little warm up before things get heavy. The voice actors did an amazing job playing the characters and the animators are going to be busy for some time including myself. We still moving along as best we can with this collaboration/movie, so for now here is a completed scene that will take place in the project. 

Hope you guys enjoy this sneak peek trailer. I put a good amount of work into it. XD

Dialog scenes are still in the works and will still take some time to do, in other words this is going to be an on and off project. Which is fine with me because at least this is something I can jump back into once more files comes into hand. There is no release date yet but I’m hoping something can drop down in 2017. 


That’s right! I don’t see this being completed around that this and some. But this still doesn’t mean I can’t jump on something else in the mean time. So besides hyping this project more than it needs to be, so I'll be off for a while until things fall back into place. ;)

For those who don’t know, here is the story spoiler video for this project and what it takes to make this. 

Until Then



Frieza's Wish (Spoiler Alert Story and Production)

2016-08-21 20:25:33 by MysticSkillz

Greetings Newgrounds Peoples and Fans.


A whole year has pass already since the first announcement of this project and we are falling into year two.

XD I know I said in previous post I won’t post anything new until all files are in hand, but I don’t thing I should just leave you hanging like that with out a little something. 

Sorry if these post are starting to sound like a broken record about the project, just like to share with you guys this time a spoil alert of the story and development behind the Frieza’s Wish project.

I won’t show you guys too much thou, just a couple of snippets and to clarifying the concept behind this project. What’s cool is that this thing is growing bigger as it continues to be in the works.


So far the story completion is about 65% done. The animation part is about 25% and the recording I will say 40% done. So things take time. I’m still working on dialog scenes at the moment so I won’t be streaming those scenes anymore. Once I get those taking care of and out the way, I will be able to jump into action scenes. Then I will resume streaming.

In the mean time guys here is an inside look of where we at now.

So there you have it folks. It''s been a month so I figured to share a small status update.

Until Then.



Frieza's Wish Update Trailer Sneak Peek Preview.

2016-07-15 02:56:50 by MysticSkillz

Greetings Newgrounds Peoples and Fans.


Well I guess it’s time I introduce the full members that’s taking place in the collaboration. 

Even so this collaboration is still in development and will be for some time. Here is the update Trailer of Frieza’s Wish. This is to give you guys a general idea how we plan to go about this project. 

There are some bumps in the road with this one I admit, so I won’t get into details about it.


Even so there is no deadline for this I can’t really force one on this collaboration, I respect my fellow members to much to do so and if it wasn’t for these guys and even those that where even interested in getting in on this, the drive for this project would be dead. Seriously! I’m grateful for my team for being patient with me and helping out when they can.

So again folks, we are busting our butts on this and hopefully not abusing our systems trying to make this. 

But if I was to gage a time frame, then it would be some time 2017…If that.

So here is a small in sight on what the basic story concept in mind for this project.


While in hell, Frieza will be training with most of the bad guys from the series. Frieza has become so powerful from training his energy will be felt by Beerus. Waking him from his slumber, Beerus curious of Frieza's new powers, Beerus pays a visit to Hell to inform Frieza there is a way to come back to life but it will require the help of The Hunters (Grey Tone Characters)


With the help of Babadi, Frieza has manage to get contact with one of The Hunters whom laid dormant in the deep, deep, deep ends of the hyperbolic time chamber, the reason none of the Z fighters manage to pick up on their energy is because these hunters are soulless.

They have been around since the birth of planet Namek. Their job is to collect all 21 dragon balls to bring them back to the home planet Namek, once arrive, they will summon the god dragon in order to bring Frieza back to life.

The Hunters are not bad or good, but with Babadi's knowledge of ancient spells, he manage to gain control of a Hunter. With one Hunter waken, the rest will follow. They will collect all 21 Dragon Balls in order to revive Frieza once more.

And now Frieza will finally get his wish and return with a vengeance. And it's up to the Z Fighters to face off Frieza and The Hunters.

And that's just a small run down of the overall concept in this project, so we are doing what we can to try to make this happen.

So guys show love to the teams at the end of the trailer, enjoy this update trailer of Frieza's Wish A Dragon Ball Z Flash Sprite Collaboration.   

Update Trailer

Past Sessions

Watch live video from Mysticskillz2013 on

So until we collect all the files needed for this project to happen.

No more updates post for now.

If lucky you may catch me streaming some time.

Live Streaming.

Watch live video from Mysticskillz2013 on

Until Then



Frieza's Wish (Sneak Snap Shots and News)

2016-07-01 00:37:41 by MysticSkillz

Greetings NewGrounds Peoples and Fans.

That is it folks! We have a full staff for this project to continue.


Audition for voice acting is now close. I have a few people in mind to play as our hero Goku and it’s going to be pretty close. I’m just waiting for my first choice actor to reply so I can make it official. We pretty much have a full team for this project and I think this thing may turn out bigger and longer than I expected to be.

We still in development for this collaboration, so much work to do and if it wasn’t for the help of my fellow sprite animators, voice actors and even music artist, no telling how much longer it’ll take.

Most of the animators have a scene to work on and no-one knows how this will turn out, not even my-self.

All I did was put the files together, here is the characters for this scene, background, music file to go along with it and ask them to just go crazy animating.

Some of the animators where kind enough to share snap shots and test runs, and I must say I think this is going to be one epic sprite project.

Holy Shit! Is that Frieza about to brawl with Broly!? XO1968023_146734718091_Frieza.png

This is not just going to be an all out brawling project. There is a story to tell to help make this collaboration a bit more interesting so there will be some dialog scene to go along with this.

Some will take place in the intro and some may take place between each scene before things get heavy. I still plan on releasing a new trailer for this project, which will require more time due to adding more details to the scene and voices.


I love the very, very, very talented voice actors whom willing to lend their acting skillz to help bring this project to life as well. And wait till you hear the cool tunes from the music artists that allow us to work with their beats.

So in the mean time, I’m putting together another scene which is the Fair Well scene.


At this moment the heroes are saying their good byes to their love ones before heading off to Namek. Not everyone will be joining this trip but at least they made an appearance. In this scene there will be mostly dialog at this point, and everyone you see here will have a voice.  Follow me on Twitch to catch me streaming this scene some time if you care to do so. I plan to do a lot of animation on this part so come see how it’s done.

Also here is the trailer in the making. Which will be part of the intro of the project.

And that concludes the latest update for this project.

Sneak Peek Trailer Coming Soon.

Until Then



Missing a Hero!

2016-06-21 23:57:57 by MysticSkillz

Greetings Newgrounds Peoples and Fans.


So far all the animators have their scene to work on, due to them working on their personal projects I can't really say if they are or not working on their parts in this collab. Other than that guys so far so good. We have all the animators needed and most of the characters are taking up for voice acting, but we have come to a bit of a snag guys.

Lately I been watch the Dragon Ball Super series and it is amazing! If you guys haven't seen it yet here is a link to catch the series Good quality video dub subtitles.

Now back to where I was getting at about this project, I been watching the DBZ Super series and I have to admit the direction I was taking this project is what DBZ Super series all ready produce long before I seen the series far as using a God Dragon. So far as story goes for this project, I still plan to make that happen but it a different direction with the concept. So let me explain a little about the grey tone characters.


Yes they are sprite characters from DC, but in this project they will be Known as (The Hunters) They are very powerful beings. Each Hunter are guardians from different parts of the Galaxy, with the help of Babadi, Frieza was able to contact the ancient Hunters to do his bidding, is to gather all 21 Dragon Balls to make his wish. ;) So not to hype things to much about this project, I'm currently working on a intro scene to start things off and I may present it as another trailer for this project. It could be 2 to 3 minutes long. Mostly dialog.


There is just one tiny problem that's preventing this to happen as well as moving forward with this... Guys we still don't have anyone to Voice act as Goku! :O Yes folks, I can't believe it as well. But no-one still hasn't send a sample in for the part of Goku yet and he's pretty much the final character we need someone to play as. :(

So this is major casting call for Goku! Who wishes to play the Hero in this DBZ sprite project? I need someone who can sound really close to him! We have a really big team on this from animators, voice actors and even music artists. So guys, we are in need of your help! We need our hero Goku! Please feel free to PM me a sample if you like to try out for the part of Goku.


Here is a past session if you care to see some of it in the making. ;)

Watch live video from Mysticskillz2013 on

Until Then.




After math.

2016-05-27 22:08:42 by MysticSkillz

Greetings Newgrounds Peoples and Fans.


First off Pico Day was a blast! 

And I had a good time running into some of you that attended and I seen some cool work from you guys as well. Pardon me the way I acted there and I hope to catch you guys next year as well. 


I’ve been up for hours the day before helping out a friend of mine to get his Oculus Rift.

And I tell you guys first hand it is amazing! It’s a bit pricy to get but the games are so awesome and it takes you into a whole new level of gaming. Not only the fact you’re playing the game, you feel part of it and in a sort of way you directing your own experience. For those whom get motion sickness, this game may not be for you.


(It’s really that immersive.)

And for those who love scary games, I recommend (Dread Halls)


(Not for weak hearted players!)

Other News.

It has come to my attention that 5/24/2016 is my 10 year membership at Newgrounds. ;)

Wow! I thank this site and many of you for helping me out with these cool projects, allowing me to be part of your collaborations and inspiring me to get this far. Much love to you all. And I hope I may continue to bring you more.


Thank you new fans that' came along! I'm only a few more away from reaching 400! XD


Much love to you guys! Please help me reach that goal this year.

Project News.


Well I may have to take this into a different direction far as storyline goes with this and for good reason. What I may tell you maybe hard to believe but trust me on this one, part of me felt this was going to happen and it kind of did so here it goes…........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................


I've been watching the Dragon Ball Super series and it now has became my all time favorite saga of the Dragon Ball universe.

I don’t wish to spoil anything for those who haven’t seen the series, but for those who may know, that was the direction I was looking to go with for this project, and the idea I had in mind was way before I even seen the Dragon Ball Super series, this is no lie. But fear not guys, this project is still going with Frieza’s Wish concept but I just need to rewrite/re-script what I originally had plan for this project.

So...Back to the drawing board


My fellow animators please continue your scenes; it will all tie together in the end.

Also there are some characters that are still open for this project that I need voice actors for, I'm surprise Goku is still open. But if you wish to try out for any of the characters and like to try to get a part of this sprite collaboration, here are the rest of the characters that is left.

Goku - Mr. Satan  - King cold

Send me a small sample of any of the character/characters you like to cast for and I’ll take a listen to what you have and will let you know which character/characters I think you sound best as.

If you get the part, you’re in. Mind you this is not a paying project which I really wish I can offer you guys.

And if you wish to back out of this project, that is okay. Recording will not go down just yet so please fellow voice actors that are on board, this will take more time, animation takes time and we are all working diligently to make this happen.

Well that’s the latest update for this. Besides the sneak peek intro.



Also I still plan on streaming some parts for this project. 

Feel free to stop by once in a while to catch me or just follow me on Twitch if you like.

Until Then




Frieza's Wish Sneak Peek Preview!

2016-04-29 00:09:57 by MysticSkillz

Greeting Newgrounds Peoples and Fans.


It’s been a few months and things are going good so far with this collab, a few of the team players maybe in works on their parts, but there is no rush still in getting this done. So while we are busting our butts with things I figure while you guys wait for this to come out here is a sneak peek intro of what’s going down with this collab.


So much is still needed and I yet still need to work with my fellow voice actors. But before I do I’m still in need of voice actors that maybe down to jump on this collaboration. 

Characters that are Open For Voice Acting.

Goku - Mr. Satan - Captian Ginyu - Fat Buu - Whis - Babadi - King Kai - King Yama - Kabito - Nappa - King cold

Please PM a sample of the character/characters you wish to play as.

This is not a paying project which I wish I could offer believe me! So in the mean time enjoy this sneak peek intro of Frieza's Wish Collaboration.


There maybe times where I’ll even do a live stream session of me working on my part. So I’ll leave this here for you guys to catch me.

Watch live video from Mysticskillz2013 on

Again here are the team players that are on board and the list of characters that they will be playing as and characters that are open for voice actors. 


@FussBox as Frieza

@gianni as Vegeta - Adult Gohan

@cubixfails as Beerus.

@sailorsilverstar as Andriod 18 - Hunters 3 & 4.

@lesismoar as Chi-Chi - Bulma - Videl - Chiaotzu - Goten - Trunks - Gotenks.

@shock-dingo as Piccolo.

@saminat as Mr Popo - Kami - Cell.

@lvspazz as Yamcha.

@gokuss4z as Shenron - Red Dragon Shenron -Porunga - God Dragon - Broly.

@DapperBomb as Elder Kia - Surpreme Kai.

@austinjaycook as Master Roshi - Krillin.

@retroarcademonkey as Raditz - Tien.

Hunters 1 & 2 (Taken)

-Music Artist-

@athanatos - @deshiel - @anarkat- @AliceMako

-Fellow Animators-

@Techlesswayz - (Goku and Vegeta Training Scene) 

@nagamoto - (Frieza's Training Scene) 

@diochi - (Piccalo Scene)

@joefextion - (Krillin and Android 18 Scene)

@ReaperSound - Gohan and Gotenks Scene

@Blazejecar - @ClideXIII - @J-Shelton - (On Standby) 

And that is pretty much the latest update guys. I shall see you guys at Pico Day! XD

Until Then



News, Project and Prints. (Update 4/25/2016)

2016-02-22 02:36:33 by MysticSkillz

Greetings Newgrounds Peoples and Fans.


First Thank You guys so much for fourth place on Gouken vs Oni-Akuma project, it was a lot of fun working on it and I’m feeling pretty warmed  up for the next animation project.Gouken vs Oni-Akuma had to be done and over with,  a series that carried on to long. And it's finally finish! (Done, Period, Over! No secrete character or continuation, GAME OVER!)

Frieza's Wish Project 

Update 3/28/2016 Meet the Hunters in grey.


Frieza has a very tough special force team going around the galaxy collecting all 21 Dragon Balls to bring back Frieza. It's up to the heroes to put a stop to their plan, but it won't be easy for them. 

We are currently in production to try to make this happen and some of the animators are all ready in work. I still need to sit down and get all lines written out for my voice actors to record to.

Reason Why This Will Take Time.

Help The Artists Out Donate And Your Name Will be In The Credits. :)



I know it’s been months since the first announcement on Frieza’s Wish Project, and I thank you fans and team members for being patient with me on this one. 


I’m a fan of Dragon Ball Z, and this one been on mind ever since I seen the Resurrection of Frieza movie. Good movie and now becoming a series. One of the reasons this project is taking some time to get started, I needed the inspiration and making sure I don’t just copy the story line from the movie. My direction with this project is sort of like continuing where the movie left off but in my own vision. Also life stuff.


There’s going to be a decent amount of writing I need to be doing for each of the characters taking place in this project and I want to make sure everything is done orderly. I also have some help with it far as animators, music artist and voice actors. And I can’t thank them enough for helping make this thing happen. So it’s my job to make their job easy.

So far here are the team players on board.


This list will be updated for any changes.

View form page on news on project.

To My Fellow Voice Actors: 

If you are playing more than one character I will send you both lines.

@gianni as Vegeta - Adult Gohan

@cubixfails as Beerus.

@sailorsilverstar as Andriod 18 - Hunters 3 & 4.

@lesismoar as Chi-Chi - Bulma - Videl - Chiaotzu - Goten - Trunks - Gotenks.

@shock-dingo as Piccolo.

@saminat as Mr Popo - Kami - Cell.

@lvspazz as Yamcha.

@gokuss4z as Shenron - Red Dragon Shenron -Porunga - God Dragon - Broly.

@DapperBomb as Elder Kia - Surpreme Kai.

@austinjaycook as Master Roshi - Krillin.

@retroarcademonkey as Raditz - Tien.

Characters that are Open For Voice Acting.

Hunters 1 & 2 (Taken)

Goku - Frieza - Mr. Satan - Captian Ginyu - Fat Buu - Whis - Babadi - King Kai - King Yama - Kabito - Nappa 

Voice actors are wanted! If you like to play part of this and think you can play a really good character then please feel free to PM a sample of what you can do and I’ll get back to you to let you know who you will be playing.

To My Fellow Music Artist:

Keep Rocking! Your Music Tracks Is Dope for This! ;)

@athanatos - @deshiel - @tacticat - @AliceMako

To My Fellow Animators: 

@Techlesswayz - (Goku and Vegeta Training Scene) 

@nagamoto - (Frieza's Training Scene) 

@diochi - (Piccalo Scene)

@joefextion - (Krillin and Android 18 Scene)

@Blazejecar - @ClideXIII - @J-Shelton - (On Standby)

I will have a folder that contains all that is needed for the scene you wish to animate to.

Running time from each animator scene 3 to 5 minutes 7 Minutes Max if you can’t help it.

Dialog may take most of the time.

Creative Freedom when it comes to fights. Go crazy! This is Dragon Ball Z!

If you can’t complete a scene or having issues please let me or another fellow animator know of your problem. Save your files frequently and make sure to make two copies.

Back them up on CD or Drives if you have to.

It would be a shame to lose all that work. :(


If you complete your scene, upload your FL and SWF file into your dump bin or project bin for viewing. Don’t worry about music. But if you got one playing in a timeline to test it out then go ahead. If any of you feel that this will be too much for you to handle its okay to back out. I don’t expect anyone to stop everything to work on this.

This is not a paying project! (May Start a Patreon Account!)

This will be a story driven collaboration! 

There is no set deadline as of now!

And there is another reason this will take time. This will be a big collab to put together and we will do what we can to make it epic. 


And that concludes the update news for the upcoming DBZ Sprite Animation Collaboration.  

Art News.

Lately I been putting some art work together and making some prints and setting up shop for myself. You can view at

And this year I plan on going to Pico Day and I’m bring some prints with me. If you guys are interested in buying one feel free to let me know. Here are the prints I tend to bring along and more.



8 x 10 As Print $5.00 – 8 x 10 Frame Print $10.00 – 11 x 17 as is Print $15.00.

If you like to preorder one now PM and I’ll put one to the side for you. ;)


If you like to commission me here is my listing. And I just may work on it Live Stream.

And that’s all for now folks. I won’t be posting anything for a while.

Spring is coming up and soon summer.


Until Then



Greetings Newgrounds Peoples and Fans.


It’s finally here! After a long wait, the ultimate battle is at hand and it is going down hard. You guys been waiting for this moment for a long time and now Gouken and Oni-Akuma will be going head to head in a epic fight to see who will become the Street Fighter Champion. 

Base off the Ryu vs Akuma sprite series I present to you a Bonus Round. Who will become the champion?

I put a good amount of work into this and was able to choreograph a new style into it. I like it for what it is and I hope you guys will enjoy it as well.

I shall see you guys at Pico Day this year. 

Until Then