Post for August!

2017-07-31 01:04:14 by MysticSkillz

Greetings NewGrounds Peoples and Fans.


How is your summer going so far? Good I hope. So far so good on my end and I just like to share with you a small update on what’s happening.

Art Prints.


Summer is half way over and I’m going to make the best of it to move some T-shirts and such locally, and I’m looking towards Philly to do some promos for myself.

If anyone who lives in Philly. I’m also going to attempt to make a promo video as well. If you guys live in Philly and would like to take part in the video shooting feel free to hit me up and we can meet up.

I hope to come up with three more Universal Flavor ideas before the summer ends.

On top of that, @MindChamber and I will be working on something cool on the side to help me spice things up a bit for my video and streams.  


Voice Acting in VentureScape.

I’m playing a small role for @RealFaction up coming project VentureScape. Be sure to check out the trailer on his page. Final version coming soon.


For the moment I’m all about doing art work and such, but I’m starting to get that animation feeling. Since DBZ is going to be one back breaking project, there are really no updates for it yet, all though one of the actors contacted me a few days ago. This is such great news because this person plays a major role for the project.

So in the mean time I feel like doing some Kung-Fu using the four elements.


I honestly must say I did enjoyed working on the MK vs SF video, but due to the lack of sprites for SF I had to make it quick. But I learned some decent tricks from working on it as well as from the spriter titan @R1665.

So inspired by the MK vs SF project I wish to do one more four Avatars sparring match. This is not a story driven project; if flash will allow me to do so I’m going to make this one an all out brawl. Four Avatar Monks will test their ability using the four elements.

And that concludes the update folks, going to continue the summer vacation and get things into motion.

Enjoy the rest of the summer folks.

Until Then




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