Summer Blast Vacation.

2017-07-10 16:40:10 by MysticSkillz

Greetings Newgrounds Peoples and Fans.



Universal Flavor Summer Blast Invasion Prints.

As the title says; I’m going on a summer vacation for myself and I’m taking my art work with me. Meaning I will be spending most of my summer promoting my own original creations for prints.

A few of my friends and fans have all ready snag a couple prints off of me which I’m so grateful for their support. Even my own mother is rocking one of my shirts which I may also add was the first to get one. Feeling like this makes it worth keep going.


So as some of you may know I’ve been working on a summer blast invasion theme for my Universal Flavor Prints.

All about sexy aliens for this summer blast. They where mostly meant for T-Shirts but as I see how well some look on other products I’ve decided to let them be.  

Also I will no longer be posting Speed Painting video into the portal here on Newgrounds, instead I will link them along with the image I upload here. So guys if you’re even remotely interested in my art work feel free to PM which print you will like to get and I’ll send you a 5% discount promo code. I don’t have many left so first come first serve. Also if you happen to get a print I ask if you may take a picture of yourself along with the print and send it to me; I will like to add your picture to my website at...


I’m also looking to get some models that are willing to do a short one minute video poses for my prints as well. If any of you fellow Newgrounder are interested in helping me make that happen some time next month please PM me.

We can do the shooting in Philly. I can’t offer much but a beer and a free print if you want. I’m currently investing in a camera before hand.

That is not all guys! I’m trying to get back into doing Live Streams more often, mostly this summer it will be all about art work. You can follow me on... 


Sprite Animation Projects

Well not to bore you guys with just my art work, I just like to say first off since DBZ is one big ass project I decide not to worry about it right now. Its summer and I don’t want my animators to waste it working on it, so fellow animators don’t waste your summer trying to get this done.


It has come to my attention this is going to take quite some time to put together, also on top of that I haven’t heard back from most of the team members due to life.  And who can blame them!?

I know fans aren't going to be happy about this but... 

...this project will have to go in the back burner till further notice.


No I’m not saying the project is canceled; some scenes require being in curtain order for the story to continue. However if we are able to get a good amount done may make up for an episode. The down side is you won’t be able to see Goku, Vegeta vs Frieza fight in this episode. This is not totally curtain just yet; I may throw in a few filler scenes so don’t hold me on that guys.


This is a project I can’t wait to get into once my flash drive kicks back in; I’m a fan of The Avatar the Last Airbender and I was hoping someone would create a full sprite sheet of them. Sadly not yet...But….



These sprites are so cool looking and this is the best looking avatar sprites and I’m not to sure if the artists/animators are still working on it. I really don’t have a story concept in mind for this project, but more of a short sparring session using the four elements with four sparring Monks.

Thanks to one of my favorite sprite animator @R1665, he was kind enough to show me some of his cool tricks in flash during his live streams. Should give future project I’ve have plan a good boost. So DBZ will be worth the wait.

Also folks as I was digging in my Pandora’s Box going through some old projects and found this……XD 


I can’t really say for sure if that one is possible for 2018, have to see where life takes us.

And that there folks concludes my latest post. I’m going to be off Newgrounds for a little bit, but will stop by to check up. I need to enjoy this summer and maybe even get lucky. ;)


Until Then



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2017-07-10 18:53:35

Until then......what's next?

MysticSkillz responds:

Until then is just how I end my post :3