Fire and Ice Coming Soon.

2017-05-23 15:17:26 by MysticSkillz

Greetings Newgrounds Peoples and Fans.


Well just a small update of what I have coming for next month. Yeah I know it’s so many cool SF vs MK sprite movies out there and now I’m going to add another to the collection.


A two to three minute Death match is going down between the two most popular characters from the MK and SF universe.


I admit working with two different styles of sprite can be a bit challenging when one set has limited moves to work with and the other kind of feels like some is missing some frames.


This is my real attempt in working with HD graphic for SF, all though the quality of the drawn sprites of them are cool looking; the file size can be a bit of a problem for flash far as ram goes.

So since my computer is getting up there in age, I need to play it safe and not over stress it by adding a shit load of graphics to it.


Sound effects, background animation and touch ups still needed once I get the whole choreograph is out the way first.

Hear is a stream clip of the progress so far, streaming will no longer go on for this project. I don’t want to give away the ending to this so you’ll just have to wait till it’s done.

Watch live video from Mysticskillz2013 on

That’s all I have for now guys, keep an eye out for this epic short fight coming soon.

Until Then




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