Level Up Entertainment Completed.

2017-05-06 21:05:09 by MysticSkillz

Greetings Newgrounds Peoples and Fans.


Just want to share my little experience at Level Up Entertainment free comic day event.

I must say things went pretty good. I’ve met some very nice peoples there, got to see some cool work from other vendors and I was able to met R2 there as well. That’s right! A fully function R2 droid, I was told it took two years to build and I’m just blown away how legit this thing look.

Don’t believe me check out the video for yourself.

Pretty dope Right! Well my day was awesome and I got some peoples loving and purchasing my work. I hope I’ll be able to attend more events like this and may even travel to some in the future.

So here a few images for your enjoyment.





Ashi bought an Ashi Print. XD

Until Then




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2017-05-07 06:36:46

Really glad you had a great time, my weekend got screwed up bad enough to where I couldn't join you. Hope you had a chance or two to get something to eat or take a bathroom break, while someone trustworthy watched your table.

(Updated ) MysticSkillz responds:

Thanks, it was pretty cool. I was looking out for you to pop in for a visit. It's okay you couldn't make, things happen. And yes I was able to take a break thanks to the kind people next to me. They bought a slice of pie for me, and far as trusting people I had to break a $100.00 then get change for that. Thank god it was real. Next time I'll get a pen to start checking. Lol.


2017-05-08 07:50:55

Yeah had to get some papers looked at, signed and notarized, guess that'll be today then. Friday night something spoiled the looks of one of my cats, and last night I heard a tussle, found one of the cats had scrambled up some wrought iron railing to get onto the roof :p

Definitely don't wanna get stuck with a goat bill or a fabricated C note, so many ways to get around the pen, but one of those and a careful eye should keep your wallet legit. So the trip there and back went OK?

MysticSkillz responds:

lol, darn cats always up to something. And yes the trip went very well, I was a bit concern about the weather and running into heavy traffic. Besides the $6.00 toll fee and $20.00 gas, I say it was well worth it; if I manage to make the amount I spent on the table spot I'm happy, and if I didn't it's still worth the trip just to get my name out there more often. :)