A Saiyan's Pride 2 Is Here!

2013-10-18 12:33:52 by MysticSkillz

Greetings Newgrounds Peoples and Fans.

A Saiyan's Pride part 2 is here.
The epic short battle between Vegeta and Goku is on.

Best viewed on fast computer, so for those who gets lag here is a Youtube Version
So before you guys chew my head off!
Yes! I'm a fan of Dragon Ball Z and Yes this is a Sprite movie.
If your not a fan of either, then this movie is not for you.

It's not as long as the first one but I like this one much better.
I'm simply just giving one of my favorite Saiyan his moment; so this is not a DBZ series.
Inspire by Vegeta's Pride episode from the series, and wanted to do my own fan short moment.

Other News:
Beside the R1665 Random Select Collaboration, this will be my last sprite project and other personal works for this year.
I'm saving the rest of the projects I have in mind for next year and besides it takes time to work on these projects.
Speaking of working on, I now have a Twitch Account
Where I will be Live Streaming Flash for future projects.

So I'm done with Flash for now.
Until Then Everyone! Enjoy!

A Saiyan's Pride 2

A Saiyan's Pride 2 Is Here!


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2013-10-26 04:40:50

Great stuff!

MysticSkillz responds:

Many thanks man.


2013-10-26 09:43:23

This is my sh*t

MysticSkillz responds:

XD I hear ya, I may do another DBZ project in the far far future. But no promises.