Update Notice! 10/13/2013

2013-10-08 13:49:49 by MysticSkillz

Hello NG fans and peoples.
A Saiyan's Pride 2 10/18/2013
That's right, I'm looking this Friday to put out this small project.
I have to admit! This DBZ sprite project is a lot of fun to work with.

I feel this one will be a lot more epic than the first one A Saiyan's Pride!
This project is just my dedication towards the sprite and me being a fan of DBZ.
So keep a look out for a fan made for fans A Saiyan's Pride 2.

Also other news! Please show Crs05 some love.
I'm dedicating a character design for part 2 of LH: The Last Rage. That's soon to come.

Until then peoples!

Update Notice! 10/13/2013


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2013-10-08 15:13:01

Looks good!

MysticSkillz responds: