A Saiyan's Pride!

2013-07-19 06:38:25 by MysticSkillz

A Saiyan's Pride Release Update:

Coming August 1!
An animated DBZ Sprite. Just want to have a shot in the DBZ universe.
This short is a confrontation between two Saiyan warriors.

A Saiyan's Pride!


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2013-07-20 03:23:32

This'll be your first sprite animation? Look forward to it!
Say, this coming 23rd Tuesday, around 4 in the afternoon, could you keep this page open on a browser tab?=> http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/
It's to show how many of us can be at one place and one time... just to see how many of us will check in for no apparent reason. You'll see the list and how many, at the bottom of the page.

MysticSkillz responds:

Oh no this is not my first sprite animation. XD Have you seen my movie list? But this will be my first time working in DBZ style. Can't promise Tuesday cause I may be busy.