A Saiyan's Pride!

2013-07-10 02:24:12 by MysticSkillz

Greetings Newgrounds peoples! Just want to give you a small sneak of what's to come in the DBZ Universe.

A Sayian's Pride:
Yes! I will be working on a Dragon Ball Z project.
No! This will not be a DBZ series! I'm a fan of Dragon Ball Z and I would just like to give someone his moment.
Many have put their share of animation of Dragon Ball Z. And as a fan it's time for me to put in my two cents.
This will not be a long, long, long, long series! I don't have the life time needed to create a DBZ from word from word. XD
I'm am just giving a certain Saiyan his moment. It will be something new for me and a chance to try out something I haven't done before. I'm looking forward in bringing you the epic battle to this one.
I don't know how this will turn out; but I better get ready for the ride!

Also on other news!

The Random Select Collaboration:
Yes many of you may already know by now. A very talent sprite artist R1665 has started a collaboration that took us artist to another step. The fans and the artists pick the characters; names has entered the hat and Randomly been assigned to the animators. We are all at hard work to bring you another sprite collaboration like no other... Again! XD

The Rising Dawn:
An small project that's coming down the line. Not a sprite project but more traditional animation if things goes well.

Ryu vs Akuma Round 5?:
Ahhhh.... Many have asked about this one. We shall see!
Possible pushed towards the end of the year maybe to the next.

A Saiyan's Pride!


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2013-07-10 21:28:47

Damn, nice DBZ sprites. Can't wait to see this!

(Updated ) MysticSkillz responds:

Yeah man, this one is going to be fun. :) I've already got some epic fights in mind. And I'm loving how the sprites turned out. The only thing with this one is that I will not be using the original sprite voices but English ones. I'm not a big fan of Goku having high pitch voice. :/


2013-07-17 09:39:45

Color me impressed, seems interesting.

MysticSkillz responds:

Yeah it's getting there my friend. Even so the intro is pretty decently long, the fight will be epic. XD
I'm having so much fun with this project that I'm putting so many hours into it when I can.
Not tooting my own horn but I think a lot of sprite and DBZ fans will enjoy this one.
Also on top this is the first time I'm doing DBZ style with a touch of my own; this project has taught me a new trick in flash that was hard to pull off but well worth it.