The Ultimate Dog Fight! Coming Soon!

2013-03-25 17:39:46 by MysticSkillz

Greetings all! Just would like to post a heads up of my next sprite project that I will be working on soon.
That's right! I would like to present to you The Ultimate Dog Fight!
(Yes I know they are wolfs! I just like the title) :3
It will be an epic fight between Sabre Wulf and Jon Talbain.
And I'm looking forward to choreograph this fight!
Unlike my Ryu vs Akuma project; this will not have a story to it.
Just an all out brawl with a little twist to it! ;) If things work out the way I like it too.

As for other news! I will work on Ryu vs Akuma Round 5 sometime this year but not for a while. Sorry! :(
I want to work on this Dog Fight project to try something different and to keep my flash skillz up.
There are a few more files I need to get together before animating.
And I may begin it sometime in April.

At the same time I will be working on some new art work for Pin-Up prints and T-shirts for the summer to come.
You can view some of my art work here or simple click on my Deviantart tab to view more.
So until then! keep on creating Newgrounds fans. I will be watching! :) Peace and Blessings.

The Ultimate Dog Fight! Coming Soon!


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2013-03-25 17:54:05

I'm putting all my bets on Sabrewulf.

MysticSkillz responds:

lol we'll have to see about that! But hey you never know who will win this one. ;)
They both are great fighters to me and it's hard to say who will win.


2013-04-16 12:50:50

Th' fuck man, some wackos have been zero-bombing your last art submission! Didn't you also submit a cell/picture from your latest animation project as well?

MysticSkillz responds:

What can you do! People is going to hate. :)