The Sentinel Destruction Coming Soon

2013-01-31 19:18:20 by MysticSkillz

A collabo project by Techlesswayz.

A sprite collab like no other, an Epic beat em up Sentinel Destruction!
Each artist has their own style on how to go about wooping and abusing the Sentinel.

Thanks to Techlesswayz and R1665 for putting all our files together.
These guys are working hard to make this happen and putting up with everyone's unique way of animating.
Trust me it wasn't easy for them lol.
Anyway from what I've seen so far this collab is going to be Great. :)
There are a few more tweeks that need to be handle but I have faith in these guys to make it happen.

Featured some of the Best sprite animators.

Techlesswayz (Organizing Files)
R1665 (Also helping organizing)

The Sentinel Destruction Coming Soon


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