Collab Project Soon to Come

2013-01-29 01:19:20 by MysticSkillz

For now check out Part 2 Live Stream Session with Panda Delgado.
Dropping to color tones in Photoshop this time around.

Sometime next month I will be working on Ryu vs Akuma Round 4.
You can count on a Epic battle this time around. I'm looking sometime in Feb to get around on this project.
I also have TechlessWayz on board on this one. He's helping me with some backdrop and graphics; so Thanks for helping out Tech.

Keep an look out for a special collab project called Sentinel Destruction.
A collabo project by Techlesswayz.

We are doing our best to get this collab out soon. From what I seen so far this collab is going to be cool. :)

Featured some of the Best following Artist.

Techlesswayz (Organizing Files)
Mysticskillz (Me!)
R1665 (Also helping organizing)

Collab Project Soon to Come


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2013-01-29 04:33:06

Good luck on the new projects, everything's looking sweet!

MysticSkillz responds:

Thanks. I will do what I can.