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Posted by MysticSkillz - October 30th, 2020

Greetings Newgrounds Peoples and Fans.


2020 has been one of the shittiest year! So many plans been canceled or put on hold due to covid 19. It's crazy how animation can predict future at times.






On top of that recently I just lost my grand dad and the family will lay him to rest next Thursday of November. To many loses these pass few years.


Life happens and we have no control what happens for the most part, but we do what we can to move on. I hope 2021 will be a lot more bless-full than 2020.


Speaking of moving on, November and maybe December will be the buckle down polishing/ maybe publishing month for the third and final part for Frieza's Wish. My animators did an amazing job and this is going to be another epic battle to come.


I really appreciate everyone that stick around this long for this massive fan made project, unfortunately this will my final project for this year if published. So much put into it and we are at 34:32 running time so far. With everything handed in and still some scenes that's in need of polish and worked on is just more work to add in.


To my voice actors, you will receive your scripts very soon. I may need a few of you to take on extra parts if you're up for it and some of you may not need to record or animate anything but you still will be credit for previous scenes.

Due to the lost of the original script, episode three had to be rewritten.

And there you have it folks, hopefully the next post I make will be for the publishing of Frieza's Wish 3.

Until Then





Comments (7)

Oh damn, my condolences out to you man. It ain't easy losing a loved one, I had to say goodbye to somebody last year myself. I wish you the best.

Also 34 minutes lets go dude! But um, maybe after you read this you take a minute to upload some back up files to your newgrounds dump or something.

Thanks man, it's never easy but something we need to accept. And yes we have reach the half hour mark or so and I do plan on backing it up as much as I can as well as making duplicate files lol. Thanks again for being part of this collab... what a journey.

You know im here for you in your real life as friends and here for anything you need me to do for projects! Love you! Stay safe my sexy chocolate milk ???

Thank you Star, I know I been so out of touch with a lot of people IRL that I just get caught up in my own ways. Just too much is on the plate and I just want to wipe it clean.

So many emotions in this update. Sincerest condolences for your loss it's never easy and time with anything heals all wounds.

In other news to the animation I'm glad to see it's that long of a running time everyone really came together. As well you in having lost a script and rewrite everything that's extremely tough and I know the feeling of lost writing which sucks hard.

I'm looking forward to see the finished work and here's hoping 2021 starts off on a good note.

Thanks man, you guys did a good job. Sorry it took so long and I appreciate everyone's help.

Sorry for your loss, fam. It's good that you're staying positive and productive. I've had a similar routine too, so staying focused and doing work you enjoy definitely helps. I'm down for more voice acting of anything if I can do it. Even got a better microphone. Just lemme know.

Thanks man, I'll let you know if anything.

Anything you need hit me up

Thanks, I may have extra lines that need recording if I don't hear back from another actor soon.

Aw man, I'm so sorry, my condolences. :(

Thanks man. You see what I mean.