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Moving on.

Posted by MysticSkillz - 1 month ago

Greetings Newgrounds Peoples and Fans.


While the world is going crazy and under quarantine, it's best to continue to stay away from humans till all this is settle. I can't do news or politics and you shouldn't too. It's nothing more than a series of stress and frustration to the point where everyone is falling into their game. This is their way to enforce more laws on to people for them to do what they want, even murdering civilians to the breaking point of a civil war breaking out.

Anyways just want to make one more post based on future projects that may come this year or even the following.

Retiring From Sprite Projects.


Yes folks I plan on calling it quits on sprite animation projects, not including match ups or collaborations. Who knows times I may want to throw one out for shits and giggles. But yeah, far as big projects the following is all that's left in the box.

Frieza's Wish 3


It's been a 2 year gap between episode 2 to 3 and we have our reasons, well the blame is mostly on me. I just want to let you fans know that it's coming. (When?)

Good question! I'm looking this summer if possible. If you haven't catch the trailer...

I like to give a special thanks to my fellow animators and voice actors that took the time out to do what they could to help me with the project. They all are very busy peoples and I'm grateful for their help. So to my animators the due date for your scene is by next month. If you would like to continue adding more to your parts you may do so, if you can not continue your scene please do not stress it, I will handle the rest.

@diochi @DragonBallSF @ReaperSound @DrTerryDactyl @JoeDragonn

Please submit what you have done by the end of the this month.

Tomb Runner


Yes Lara and Clair will have their moment, this one is nearly finished and may come before Frieza's Wish 3. I'm still debating if I may just make this a straight forward project with just music.

So with that said, my drive into Frieza's project so you going to have to wait.

Jungle Hunt 4


Yes I would like to bring back batman as well.

After Jungle Hunt 4 I want to take my animation to a different direction with web comic animatic style by start working on original contents again. Put more time into my work and streaming as well as running a business with my bro. Feel free to check out my print shop if you like to support or follow me on twitch where I'm mainly active at and a chance to win prizes and giveaways on special streams.

Last post till a published project.

Until Then





Comments (6)

That's sad to hear you wanna retire from sprite animation. One of the greats for sure. Sounds like you're gonna go out on a bang though with those final projects.

Big sprite projects takes too much time which is not a bad thing, I'm just taking things to a different direction for a while and want to get back into doing original stuff. I'm not giving up spriting completely.

This sucks. I always loved your stuff. I hope you'll reconsider.

Thanks ZJ, I'm just slowly moving to a different direction for some time. Not giving up sprite completely, just not going to do big story driven sprite projects. There will be other collabs and 2 on 2 match ups I may throw out from time to time, but it's going to be a while for those. I want to start working on my own original stuff.

@NanoSoft @MysticSkillz Gotchya. Hope you succeed at doing the original stuff!

Yo! Best of luck with all your future endeavors~ Continue that level uppppppppp!

I understand on the big sprite projects, what you mean exactly on working your own original stuff

Original content such as creating my own characters for future animation projects. Pretty much taking a break from fan made sprite projects.

@diochi @DragonBallSF @ReaperSound @DrTerryDactyl @JoeDragonn if you need a bit more time to work on scene, then go for it. Deadline is the middle of July.