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The Ultimate Dog Fight Sneak Intro.

5/1/13 by MysticSkillz
Updated 5/1/13

Greetings Newgrounds peoples, just want to share with you a small intro for The Ultimate Dog Fight.
It's not much! I just wanted to set the stage of a battle that is soon to come. Feel free to down load it.
When the time comes; who will win this fight?

Still no release date for it, but it should't be long. I will do what I can to get this bad boy out. XD
Until then!


The Ultimate Dog Fight Sneak Intro.


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btw are you using the arcade sprites for sabre? hopefully not the snes ones lol

5/13/13 (Updated 5/13/13) MysticSkillz responds:

I'm using the Arcade sprite.

Time to grab some popcorn when this is released. x3

5/7/13 MysticSkillz responds:

Yeah it's getting there. Each day I'm putting at least 6 hours worth of work into it.

oh good
im willing to pay a slice of homade bread and a bowl of ramen for them
cause im the poorest person ever D:

5/2/13 MysticSkillz responds:

Welcome to the poor club. I know it's very hard out there, but never give up! Things aren't to dandy for me as well, but I still feel bless for the jobs that do come in. XD So keep your head up.

i highly doubt my neighbors want a werewolf running about with all the killing and eating faces and howling
i think they would be slightly displeased

5/2/13 MysticSkillz responds:

lol XD I hear that. But don't worry! These guys will be contain in the flash file. :3 I don't think they will be wild enough to break the barrier.

thanks dude!
I do have a page but I never use it :(

5/2/13 MysticSkillz responds:

Get back on it man! XD I'll love to add you, I like your style!

thanks Im furry for werewolves lol

5/2/13 MysticSkillz responds:

That's cool dude and great Job on the Newgrounds wall paper! Do you have a Deviantart page?

haha newgrounds farted again, sorry about that delete plz

5/2/13 MysticSkillz responds:

Don't worry I will. But man you did a really good job animating that file. :)

man, id love you forever if you cameo'd my Dark Saber werewolf, lol 0635d581be9101538528e3

jk.. still would be cool tho :c

two of my favorite werewolves going at it, cant wait for this man

5/2/13 MysticSkillz responds:

Yeah this is one battle you don't want to miss. XD

this is awesome
pure awesome
can i has one as pet

5/2/13 MysticSkillz responds:

lol XD Thanks, glad you like the preview. Far as having one as a pet, you sure can! :)


5/1/13 MysticSkillz responds:

XD Yeah it's coming fam!

I still put all my bets on Sabrewulf.

5/1/13 MysticSkillz responds:

Well we shall see! XD

Looks lush and graphics heavy, but not so bad as the sound might de-synch... I just got an old computer :( When it comes time to wrap things up, could you mention in the Flash, where each of these dog-dudes hail from?

5/1/13 (Updated 5/1/13) MysticSkillz responds:

Sure, it will be in the credits.