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Update! 4/28 Table Location.

2017-04-25 15:11:51 by MysticSkillz

Greetings Newgrounds Peoples and Fans.


April has came and went. Spring is pretty much here and summer is coming.

Just a reminder that May 6th is a up coming comic con in Mays Landing.

Update: I found my spot. Number 10 Top Left



I’ve been a vender at a couple of Comic Cons in the past, but this time I feel it’s going to be a bit different. Even thou it’s just for the day I hope I can at least make some kind of an impact for myself. Even so they do allow you to display some fan art work but they rather see some original creations.

So this is worth a shot to get my work out there.


I’ve been told a lot to stop procrastinating and keep pushing, after a while its start sinking in more and more. Yes I do get up at the crack of dawn barely seeing the sun rise to earn a pay check, I’ve still proffer to work for myself like any other artist would.  

I’m so looking forward to this. If you plan to attend, come find me. I will update once they send me the info by the end of the week.

In other news, I plan to jump back into flash after words and the first one on my list is MK vs SF Fire and Ice. I know there are so many MK vs SF animations out there and why should this one be any different?!

A Death Match. One Round, One Team Winner and No Rules.


I don’t know how long I plan to make this fight last but I think it’ll be pretty fun to animate.

I don’t plan to jump back into Frieza’s Wish just yet, that project will require my animators to come in with their scenes. So fellow animators it’s been quit some time now and I hope we can pull this project off before or end of summer. So here is an overview video of what’s to come to clarify things a bit more.

If you’re a music artist and would like to take part in this project, please feel free to send me a link to your beat/beats that you think may work with this project and I’ll take a listen. If I like what I hear you and your beat/beats will be added to the project.

That’s all I have for now guys,  let’s see how things goes. 

Until Then



Who's going to Comic Con?

2017-04-20 16:17:33 by MysticSkillz

Greetings Newgrounds Peoples and Fans.


Not only that I’m going to Comic Con, I’m actually going to be a vender this year at Level Up Entertainment in Mays Landing. I’m going to bring some original and some fan art prints to my table. T-Shirts will be displayed as well as a few other items.



If you guys are going, feel free to stop by table if you find me. I’m still waiting conformation from them to see where I’m placed at in the event. It will be held next month on the 6th.  The event is just for the day which is cool with me. I’ve invest a decent amount of getting some things together and I’m looking forward to it.

I will update this post once I get word on where I’m set up at.

Until Then



Frieza's Wish Episode 2 News and Music Artist Update!

2017-04-06 23:03:04 by MysticSkillz

Greetings Newgrounds Peoples and Fans.


First let me just say thanks to those who sent me samples of your beats, as of now I’m looking for music that will fit for this Frieza’s Wish Episode 2 sprite collaboration that a whole bunch of us is working on. Yes we have voice actors, music artists and animators helping me make one of the coolest DBZ movie.

This is a fan made for fans project, so this is not a paying project, however if your beat/beats are being use in the project you’re more than welcome to use the project as your portfolio. This project is done out of love of sprite animation, and working as a team.

We are getting some really good positive feedbacks and fans are asking for episode 2.

Well all I can say is…


So now let me break this down real quick to help you guys understand why the heck this thing is going to be Epic!

Now that my animators have no time scale on how much they can animate, this thing can possible be three part episodes. (This is not 100% sure!) I would like to push in as much as we can for episode 2. But let’s see how it goes.


Plot for Episode 2

Episode 2 will pretty much be dedicated to my animators, their scenes will tell the rest of the story and you will get a chance to hear the rest of the Hunters and maybe a little bit more about them.

I see some fans believe a fusion may to come…that is to come…but……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

Anyways let’s just say new things may pop up later on.

Will there be more stories written, this is a maybe folks. I do have much on hand, but it’s maybe possible to add a bit more. Animators just a reminder to leave music out of scenes and do not use any voice dialoge files, you can leave space or some intro for your scene and I can drop the dialog on top. 

Scenes for Episode 2.


First scene Krillin and Android 18 vs Hunters 3 and 4 Animated by @Joedragonn

Krillin and Android 18 must be sharp and not the let their guard down, they maybe woman does not make them weak, they both sisters and always together. Will Krillin and 18 be able to handle their own?


Scene 2 Gohan and Gotenks vs. Hunter 2 Animated by @ReaperSound 

With Gotenks new cocky attitude, Gohan has to keep him out of trouble, who’s watch over who now Gotenks? With both fighters this should be a peace of cake! Right!?...


Scene 3 Piccolo vs. Hunter 1 Animated by @Diochi

Piccolo will try to convince the Hunter what he’s doing is wrong. Piccolo’s heart is in the right place, but will he be able to convince the Hunter?

Scene 4 The Fusion. Group Battle Animated by @Drterrydactyl


Yes it’s true, the Hunter will Fuse, but what I haven’t tell or shown you is how. XD

Their something special that I’ve handed to my animators only they know.

The Fusion Battle

All the heroes join together in an epic showdown with Ultra Hunter.

Gotenks Moment Animated by @DragonBallSF

Has Gotenks been pushed too far! What's so special about him?


He also shared a sneak peek of Gotenks epic moment as well as his upcoming project

The Wrath of Cell coming soon.


Also check out his custom battle damage Vegeta. Wow this is so cool looking!

We’re thinking about doing it for the project as well. But not curtain.


And finally The Final Fight. Goku, Vegeta vs Frieza Animator MysticSkillz

What’s going to be the outcome of this battle? Oh what to do, what to do?

Well this one should be fun.

I’m going to take time to really think about this one before even beginning thinking about opening up flash. This is going to take me a little while as well folks.


Reason is there are some upcoming events I like to attend and it will require the rest of this month for me to get ready for them. So no flash work for me till next month, before I go back to working on DBZ again and have all the files from the rest of the team on hand, I plan on working on side projects till then.

1968023_149153331122_Scorpion_0-0.png1968023_149153333212_subzero_0-0.png                             VS                                     1968023_149153336811_Ken_5-0.png1968023_149153340371_Ryu_5-0.png

I will be starting things off with The Real Mortal Kombat vs Street Fighter, I told myself not to work on Street Fighter again, well I figured I really haven’t done anything with Mortal Kombat yet so why not make one more time, but this time I plan to work with HD Street Fighter Sprites, I like the more drawing feeling to them so I want to try them out in a death match. Thanks @SnowTeddy for lending me the perfect beat for this one; this is going to be fun.

So that concludes this month post. A lot of work to do for the year.

Until Then



News, Art and Future Projects.

2017-03-09 21:34:25 by MysticSkillz

Greetings Newgrounds Peoples and Fans.

Thank you all for the love and support these past few months.

And Thank You and Welcome New Fans that came along. 


Spring is almost here and I can’t wait. I’m not a fan of the cold and I miss that warm sun sometimes. Things are busy for me at work and I can be restless at times when I really want to do is stay up. Guess I’m getting old or the lack of sun, but that’s all need to change when things start to warm up. I’ve been working on setting up shop this year far as Digital Prints.

This year I hope to attend comic cons and events if I can’t help it. So here we go!

Art Work:

This spring I will be spending most of my time working on my Art Work Prints.

Original Character Design concept art I call Universal Flavor.

Click the link below to purchase a print.



From Front and Back T-Shirt Prints – Canvas Prints – Frame Prints and ext.

And if you do so please feel free to share a pic of yourself with your purchase print and I’ll add you to my website.

Follow me on Twitch where I Live Stream and on Picarto where I stream Mature Art.

Commission is Open.



Frieza’s Wish Episode 2

I’ve been getting some positive feedback on the latest Frieza’s Wish project.

Fans can’t believe how well everyone did with the voice acting! You guys rock!

I’m getting request from some to take part as animator and voice acting, but unfortunately I’m not taking in new members at this point.

Episode 2 is pretty much dedicated to my fellow animators whom working their butts off on the scenes. I have no clue what they have planned and what scares me is that some of them are going extreme with their scenes.

Here is what @DragonBallSF sent me for Gotenks scene…





Sneak Pic Scene of Piccolo vs Hunter 1 from @Diochi


Holy cow I need to step my game up now! Lol I have a feeling the next episode is going to be crazy guys!

My animators are making me nervous on what they have in mind. Go team!

There is no release date or deadline for Episode 2, it’s up to my animators for that to happen, once I have all scenes on hand the project will resume.

Fellow Animators Leave Music out of Scenes and feel free to send me small clips to set up for next trailer. 

@DragonBallSF - @Diochi - @Joedragonn - @ReaperSound - @Drterrydactyl

Episode 1 is also on Youtube please feel free to share it.

While we wait for that to happen I do have a few treats in mind I may work on just to keep my flash skillz up. 

None of the following will be a story driven project. Sorry voice actors, not this time.

Ryu – Ken vs Scorpion – Sub Zero Death Match.

1968023_148911225492_tumblr_n0blvcnfGg1rr56cmo1_500.gif 1968023_148911230163_scorpionsub.gif

What I have plan for this short is Ryu and Ken must try to survive a death battle between the death warriors of Mortal Kombat. And all out fight in order to survive, there is only one rule! Win!

The Avatars


This one I really like to work on but I want to hold off on it a bit longer.

Inspired by The Last Airbender I always wanted to animate something using the four elements. Each of the Avatars will met up in an short match up using any element of their chosen in a sparing session.

Check out the short intro.

This is all that I have plan for this year folks, going to take time for all this to happen so going to be hiatus for a while to keep the lights on.

Until Then



Thank You All!

2017-02-15 23:00:46 by MysticSkillz

Greetings Newgrounds Peoples and Fans


Thank You All for the Daily pick for Frieza’s Wish.


Seriously, if I didn’t have such a great team to work with this probably wouldn’t happen. Guys the project came out way better than I expected, indeed it has some flaws I admit that it’s a lot that had to be looked over.To my fellow animators, I like to apologize to you guys for such pressure on this project. Also from keeping it hidden far as script wise XD, but this is the surprise I wanted to drop on you guys.


Also it slipped my mind that some of you submitted something early and it turned out perfect. So guys there is no rush or deadline for your scenes, I know you guys wish to bring the A game but I don’t want you to kill your system working hard on this. You may also make multiple files, I can edit it all at the end and you may leave the music out of your scenes.

Feel free to make your scenes as long as you like and if you guys have ideas in mind you think would work out please let me know so I can see if it can work for the story. Leave space in your scenes works as well, this gives me a chance to insert dialog into your scenes.


So again guys thank you so much for helping out on this big monster project, I really appreciate you all and if you guys are willing to continue this towards the next episode then we got this. Episode 2 will not happen until all of your scenes are collected; most of it will be all about you guys.  I have the script all written out and recorded. More maybe added depending on what I may need.

Also sad news is there will be no Pico Day this year. Bummer! I wanted to spend the weekend with you guys.  


Had a blast last year, I guess @TomFulp didn’t want my crazy ass there this year.

XD Well much love guys.

I’m taking a vacation until I hear from the team players.

Until Then


Frieza's Wish Publish!

2017-02-11 13:08:40 by MysticSkillz

Greetings Newgrounds Peoples and Fans.


We did it guys! Thank You! I love you all!


@stephenjpena @austinjaycook @FussBox @gianni @Markafoi @sailorsilverstar @Rollu @lesismoar @shock-dingo @saminat @Supahninja @retroarcademonkey @espsiongold2  @HipnikDragomir @RealFaction @Cubixfails @DragonBallSF @diochi @joedragonn @ReaperSound @drterrydactyl @athanatos @deshiel @AliceMako @agitat0r @Blazejecar

Well here it is, a half an hour sprite movie that’s been in the works for the longest. To long to keep you guys waiting. The team worked hard helping out with this one and there is still much more to come. Due to program error I had to cut the movie into two parts, so part one is pretty much storyline on both sides.


Episode 2 will be more action pack; we don’t know when that will happen. It could take most of the year far as we know. The animators are working hard on their scenes and for what they have to deal with will require some time. I don’t want them to stress over this to much. These things take time to due as well as stress on our computer systems.

So for now I hope you guys will enjoy Episode 1 for now. A lot of hard work had been put into it so it may have some flaws. ;)

So please show some love to the team as well. They been very patient with me and I’m grateful for all their hard work.


Guys bless you for all you done. Depending how things turn out part 2 may happen, so don’t stress out on your scenes. Finish them when ever. I need a break. ;)

Until Then


Greetings Newgrounds Peoples and Fans.


Episode 1 is finalized and completed. I’ve reached out to the animators and they are still working on their scenes. This is perfect actually! After some test runs and hours of rendering with a few errors, episode 1 is pretty much the start off of what’s to come.

There are more dialogs to come but it will require the rest of the scenes from you guys.

So guys please take as much time as you need. You guys are covered! Trust me!

If you guys wish to see it before publish then view it under Preview in the project manager. 

No changes will be made to the project everything is final due to render errors!

And since this puts it ahead of schedule, I’m debating to publish this next week.


For one I think you guys waiting long enough for this and second the two weeks was for extra time.

Voice actors some of you may have small parts but I made sure you guys still made it in on this.

Also sorry to a couple of animators that didn’t make the first episode, but if things turn out different you may make it in to part 2.

I will be taking some time off from animation. I need a good break from the project for now, so you guys can relax and work on it when ever. There is no date or deadline for episode 2 because it’ll be pretty much for you guys. Don’t worry I do have more scenes for myself to add.

So back ups is needed and it’s time for me to clean up the mess.

Until Then




Frieza's Wish. Publish Date!

2017-01-31 00:22:53 by MysticSkillz

Greetings Newgrounds Peoples and Fans.


Artist - ShingYong84

March of 2017 is the Month I’ll be publishing Frieza’s Wish Episode 1.


This project grew way bigger than I expected and I’m force to make the movie into a two part episode.

Episode one will be pretty much the build up storyline of everything that’s going to happen with the good guys and the bad guys. Some of my animators reached out to me on their progress and they are doing a great job on their parts. Some maybe near completion and others may take a bit more time to do. And others I yet heard back from, so doing this can work in our favor by having a two part movie. All lines haven't been used yet!


Episode two will be more epic and heavy duty and I will be able to write a bit more into the story. This also gives the animators more time to work. 


I like to give thanks to the following for helping this project get this far. I really, really, REALLY appreciate all you guys done for me. Running time will be around 37 Minutes.

My Team Players! THANK YOU!

@stephenjpena @austinjaycook @FussBox @gianni @Markafoi @sailorsilverstar @Rollu @lesismoar @shock-dingo @saminat @Supahninja @retroarcademonkey @espsiongold2  @HipnikDragomir @RealFaction @Cubixfails 

@DragonBallSF @diochi @joedragonn @ReaperSound @drterrydactyl @athanatos @deshiel @AliceMako @agitat0r @Blazejecar

You guys did an amazing job and once this is out feel free to use it as you please.

For now I will be going back to each scene doing some major polish, touch ups and corrections.  

Here is the Final Trailer for the up coming project.

Until Then



After Nearly Two Years!

2017-01-24 00:52:19 by MysticSkillz

Greetings Newgrounds Peoples and Fans.


If it wasn’t for the help of the team this project would not have come to life. So I like to thank you fan and most of all the team for participating in this project. Indeed it’s a lot of work and time put into this and things are coming together guys. You inspire me so much to continue working on this.

The project has reached it’s half an hour mark! That’s right peoples! An whole half an hour is already put into this project and more is still being added. 

This will be one of the reasons for my absent for some time. I’m ready to go in on this and hit it hard. Fellow animators, same deadline applies till March if you can knock it out sooner will be great.

And now it all comes down to this! The long awaited epic battle has begun. Finally I’m able to work on my scene and I will do my best to make this battle epic as possible. I happen to finish up a warm up scene and now the real deal is going down.  

So hear is snap shot…Boom!


Until Then




Going off Newgrounds and Update 1/21!

2017-01-13 22:44:11 by MysticSkillz

Greetings Newgrounds Peoples and Fans.


First I just like to thank those taking part in this DBZ project that’s going on. We pretty much have most of all the lines recorded and handed in, both good and bad side of the story is completed. Just a few more caps to fill for the some scenes far as dialog.


I know I just made a recent post but I need to say a few things real quick, I’m going to be off Newgrounds for some time. Two reasons! One, I’m going to be putting a lot of time into the Frieza’s Wish Project. Two, A side job came up and it may require me to step away from flash for some time but this is not curtain.

Some major changes are taking place in the production.


New actors have joined the team and this gives us a chance to polish up some previous scenes. Also I’ve been thinking about animating their profile shots for different expressions. So some major differences may take place in the final from what you guys seen in trailers and pilot episodes.

I did a quick composite of what’s on hand for both side of the story along with Broly scene animated by @Blazejecar total up to 30:00 minutes guys. Holy cow! Now it’s all up to the rest of you fellow animators to show what happens to the rest of the heroes facing off the Hunters.


No further trailers will be release till the final production. If and only if you guys are interested, between animating and drawing art work you can give me a follow on Twitch to catch any future streams I may have.  

To My fellow Animators!

@DragonBallSF - @nagamoto - @diochi - @joefextion - @ReaperSound @drterrydactyl

You can animate the scene more than five minutes if you chose to do so, also you may leave the music file out of your scenes. Due to my set back I’ve decided to expand the deadline to the end of March. Do you think you will be able to finish by then?

Please let me know your status. Once Completed please put the FL, Swf, Mp4 files in a compress folder and upload it to your dumpbin or project share bin and message me the Url to your file. And I’ll handle the rest.

Until Then